Carbon Fiber Travel Surfboard just a concept


The black beauty you may be seeing around surfing forums is a concept two-piece travel surfboard made of carbon fiber. Think Aviso surfboard, but split in two. This surfboard looks like it'll eat longboards and kooks for breakfast before dawn patrol. And while you might be hunting around for such a board, you're not going to find it in production – the whole thing was a concept board created by Australian Nicolas Notara. Concept or not, that puppy looks like a bitchin' ride, and you'll easily be the baddest mofo on the beach with a carbon fiber board that you can fold up into a suitcase. That said, the price of carbon fiber is way up there and this won't likely be an affordable option for most surfers. Says Thane Pope of Pope Bisects, a travel surfboard pioneer: “There's a big big difference between concept and production.”

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  1. Try soul, not spaz says:

    That is so totally rad! I am so stoked on this. I surf every day, and never stop surfing, so I would totally eat the other kooks with this surfboard. I would be totally shredding, and no one else could get a wave. Eat my foam!

    It’s pushy, showoff surf verbage /attitudes like this that contributed to my move from San Clemente(not Cali., or SoCal, or the OC)to the UK to surf. Relaaaaaxxxxxxxxxx. Surfing used to be a unspoken, mellow, humble thing. This type of surf-hype is as lame and dated as High School Musical II.

  2. hey seriosly are there any for sale cuz i would really like to buy something like this

  3. How much r they?

  4. How much r they?

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