The World’s Longest Wave Ever Surfed – Pororoca


What do you get when you take Picuruta Salazar, a surfboard and the Pororoca? The world's longest wave ever surfed – 12.5 kilometers and a 37 minute ride. The idea of Salazar riding a wave for over a half hour is amazing, awe-inspiring and incredibly humbling, particularly since I only caught two waves during my last session.

For those of you who are trivia junkies – The pororoca (aka the “great destructive noise”) is a tidal bore that occurs where the mouth of the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The wave, which is a popular phenomenon with surfers, reaches heights of 4 meters and spans as far as 13 kilometers inland upstream the Amazon River. Did that register with you? A wave that spans 13 kilometers? That's 8 miles for those you who don't understand the metric system.

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