Perth Man Eaten By Great White Shark In Front of Son


This picture is unrelated to the story, but that's a super gnarly place to get bitten by a shark. That's Andrea Lynch, and she was attacked by a bull shark last year in Florida. Luckily for her, the shark let go, and she was able to get medical attention before she bled to death. Not so lucky this weekend was 51 year old Brian Guest who was snorkeling for crabs with his son near Perth in Western Australia. A believed Great White shark attacked the man in a bloody mess, and basically ate him alive 20 feet from his son. Onlookers witnessed the shark breaching water with the human torso hanging out of its mouth. The ocean instantly turned a deep red, and the man's son quickly made his way to shore. Authorities were called, but nothing could be done at that point. The nightmare was over, and the only thing left of his father were the tiny pieces of wetsuit that washed up on the sand. A coastline search was called off hours after the attack. There had been reports of a large shark swimming in the area days before, but it is not known if this is the shark responsible for Brian Guest's death. The attack happened a little after 7am.

Naturally the man's son is still in great shock. Witnesses described the scene as “horrific”, and “the shark could be seen with Mr Guest's body in its jaws”. Surprisingly at this time the family insists that the shark not be hunted and killed.

“The family says that we are in their environment when we go into the water and we have to pay respect for that,' said police Sgt Steve Kent”

This sounds like something straight out of “Jaws”. It's not everyday you're chillin' out on the beach and then suddenly you're witnessing a man being pulled violently out of this existence. This is why all other sports fail in comparison to surfing. You don't read about too many skateboarders being attacked by tigers or lions, or an entire volleyball team being eaten by Tremors. On top of worrying about drowning, getting run over by some kook, jellyfish and stepping on stingrays, your own board knocking you out, landing ass first on top of your fins (I've heard many horrible tales), breaking bones, tiny pieces of shell scratching your eyeballs (this once happened to me, personally – I had a pirate patch for a week), all the different ways slamming into the reef, and what the nose of a surfboard can do to your body…on top of all that there's always a real chance you could be eaten alive.

Surfing rules all.


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  1. Too much media is negative on sharks due to ignorance and lack of education! There are only one or two attacks that result in fatality WORLD WIDE. We kill millions per year. Road deaths are astronomical compared to this. As we are raping the oceans at a rate so fast no one knows the effect we are having, it is not supprising with reduced fish stocks sharks are becoming closer to shore. Most are on the endangered species list. Lets get some facts down and start a bit more positive attitude to one of Australia’s most impresive inhabitants. Since being here i have been very suprised at Australian ignorance to sharks being told a grey nurse shark will eat you many times. Not sure there has EVER been a report of a grey nurse (sand tiger) attack ending in severe injury. They eat small fish. Think positive

  2. When I read this story about; Perth Man Eaten By Great White Shark In Front of Son, I felt so sorry. It must be horrible witnessing someone getting attacked by a shark! Let alone knowing them! I am truely sorry for the witness’s family and friends. No one deserves such a cruel accident. I give all my wishes. Rest In Peace 🙁

  3. aaw the little boys man must have been terrile seeing his father get taking away bye a shark and eaten up

  4. justin malone says:

    Dogs maul over 50 000 people a year sharks accidental attack 30 to 100. So tell me whats worse . Yes the what happed is tragic but that is not a reason to say sharks are bad shark are some of the most important animals on the planet. They are to the ocean what humans are to land. They also have been on earth much longer then humans even longer then dinosaurs .The fact is your more likely to be killed on a golf course getting stung by a bee then by a shark if the media would stop saying shark are man eating monsters then maybe we would start learning the truth and start to try and save them. 100 000 000 sharks are killed a year by humans mostly for there fins so yet again who are the monsters? I think its time for change and look at statistics instead of jumping to conclusions about sharks

    • I think you should be more respectful and realize that it was a Man that lost his life he had a son get over yourself for a min and have some sympathy

  5. justin malone says:

    i forget the most important face sharks kill between 3 to 5 people a year so please stop thinking there so bad. Sharks kill less people the most animals on the planet

  6. I don’t care if millions of sharks are killed every year, but I wouldn’t want any of my family to be eaten by them… This are not negative media or anything, just facts… we r killed in a small number, compared to the number of sharks we kill… so what… Can they save the planet? So tired of animal lovers… Love people first, maybe thats what we need to save this world, enough of loving what is not gone love you back…. save the bears, save the elephants… what about saving children dying of starvation? Come on

  7. stay away from sharks (they eat people), foxes(tried to eat twins few weeks ago in London), wild animals are animals like us, we go to supermarkets… they eat what they find… they not bad really.
    Other animals like dogs i really don’t understand why do they sometimes bite they owners? because they bad people? Don’t think so… They hurt children sometimes… so lucky I’m allergic to them

  8. Did Maria seriously just say sharks are like us cause they go to the Supermarket?!?!?!!!! LOL

  9. They’re called Graboids!

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