Christian Fletcher: Where Is He Now?

That air is huge, and that's Christian Fletcher traveling real f#ckin' far. I was reading an interview that Stab Magazine did with Nathan Fletcher, and they asked him if he ever talks to his brother Christian.

Excerpt from Stab: “I wish I did. The guy is so weird. I saw him on a ferry on the way back from Lombok. He told me he had waited for me to apologise to him for three years. I was, like, sorta wanting to talk but he's self-consumed. I probably am too. He's still a fucking dick. Major ego fucking shit. Unfortunate. He misses a lot of friends. A lot of opportunities. He doesn't know how gnarly he is cuz he doesn't even know. I wish he was something enough to have a relationship. That's lame – Stab Yeah, lame. He's on a super deal – he's always been so incredibly talented and blah blah blah. I don't know what to say on how to act. It's sad to see him. Everyone wants to help him. I mean, my dad has done everything to give us a life. Someday he'll come around.”

I had pretty much forgotten all about Christian Fletcher up until I read this. Then I started wondering what the Hell happened to him? Where is he now? Last thing I had heard was he was living in Hollywood with his girl and not really surfing at all. As you should know, Christian Fletcher is the Godfather of aerial surfing, and pretty much paved the way for others to follow. He was the very first air guy put in the spotlight. The dude was way ahead of his time and took plenty of sh!t for his skateboard-influenced style of approaching a wave – banned from the magazines and the whole deal. Christian Fletcher was too edgy for his own good, and no one knew what to do with him. How do you market a drug addicted out-of-control surfer that doesn't give a sh!t about anything? He was like a sponsor's worst nightmare but talented as f#ck. Ask any air guy who they looked up to growing up, and they will all mention his name. But everything went downhill for him. After people started shutting him out he lashed back by being this huge @hole. He's always said that holding a grudge wasn't the right answer. He wasn't allowed to enter contests or anything, and was pretty much kicked off the beach. He became one of the most hated surfers that ever lived. Sh!t was real, and people weren't letting up. The mainstream surfing community was over Christian Fletcher and wanted nothing to do with him. Plenty of time has gone by since, and I'm curious where he is now?

Hopefully still surfing every day, because whether you like it or not, Christian Fletcher will go down as a legend…

A short little interview with Christian about the downfall…

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