Surfing injuries, they’re not just for the pros


We've already heard too much about the pros and their constant battle with injuries, like Dane Reynold's huge air to busted ankle late last year.  It's time we focus on us non pros who are not doing six foot aerials in thumping French beachbreaks.  Here's a guy who was just out doing his thing, when things suddenly went very, very wrong.  I know when you start watching it, you're just thinking, who's this kook?  Or, that this is possibly the most boring clip of surfing you've ever seen.  I know I wanted to see the guy go down, or at least start doing something.  Even when watching the section where he eats it in full motion, it's near impossible to detect that something wrong happened.  Then you see the slow down.  The devil, as they say, is in the details.  Watch closely as we see this poor, unfortunate logger have his leg folded forward and twisted, while attempting a little nose time.  Enjoy, and don't do this at home.

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