“The Westsiders” by Josh Pomer


If you know anything about surfing in California you've heard of Steamer Lane and know exactly where it is: the cold, sharky waters of Santa Cruz. If you grew up watching surfing videos you've also heard of Josh Pomer, and “The Kill” video series that made him famous in the 1990's. Well he's making a new film, and it's a documentary about The Westsiders surfing gang. Narrated by Vince Collier, a.k.a., The Godfather of The Westside, “The Westsiders” is a film about the ups and downs of broken homes, drug addictions, psychological issues, the heavy localism of Santa Cruz, and the common bond that builds with friends. Daryl “Flea” Virostko, Jason “Ratboy” Collins, and Shawn “Barney” Barron are the film's main focus, and Vince Collier is the brute force that keeps them all in line. Think: Volcom House and Kaiborg Garcia, but this is the original “Surf City”, and how these guys were forced to join the gang in order to surf the famous Lane.

This is going to be a good one, and you can watch the trailer here.

Remember Wrap-Around Chris Brown? He's in the Josh Pomer clip below…

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  1. hey is joey thomas in the film?

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