Simply Simpo- Brett Simpson Training


This is Brett Simpson training to be the best possible contest surfer he can be. Ian “Kanga” Cairns is helping him out, and I think it's safe to say that dude knows a few things about professional surfing. After Timmy Reyes, Brett Simpson is probably Huntington Beach's next best hope for a world champion. Both are highly unlikely in my book, but Simpo most definitely rips, and I've been wrong before. Kind of like how I'll think eating at Taco Bell is a great idea, and then later that night I'm trapped on my toilet. I wouldn't say there's anything trapped about Brett Simpson's surfing, because the dude can bust with the best of them. How's that first huge air reverse? If I weighed 135 pounds I might be able to fly like that too. I'm joking of course, I have no idea how much he weighs, or how much Hurley is paying him to rip like this. Whichever sticker gets to go way up there in the nose of his surfboard is the company writing the biggest checks.

You can check out his personal blog by clicking here.

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  1. Sometimes I slouch my shoulders and I notice when I do..What is a workout or some advice on not doing that besides dont do it haha

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