Kelly is at it again


No, he's not dominating the tour (at least, so far…), he's making boards with crazy recipes one would use to make special yogurts (yummy)! This time, he's fusing the natural shape of a manta ray with his recent designs such as the Wizard Sleeve and the Tangent. How does this thing ride? I have no idea… and not even Surfer Mag knows!  But I sure do really want to try it out! One of these days, Kelly's gonna come up with something that will change the way surfboards are made as much as the thruster did.  This is an exciting age to live in!


  1. Is this a joke? Does Kelly actually ride that with the cutout forward?? I would think someone could more easily try out surfboard shapes on a computer right? Instead of wasting all the shaping and glassing at CI’s shop right? He’ll probably snap it in a day anyway.

    (now give me the free iPhone game!)

  2. Oh, snap! I didn’t even notice that the cutout was in the front! Okay….

  3. thats the nose

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