They’re still just your average pro.


While watching the recent ASP World Tour event at Trestles on the interweb (Gosh, when are they ever gonna get on t.v.!), I started to notice one trait that pro-surfers possess that has seemingly drifted past the majority of us “mortals”: Pro surfers are actually human. Yes, it's shocking, but true. The curtain of movies, highlights, magazines spreads, and youtube clips that has been drawn over our eyes actually hide the truth that surfing is hard – even for pros. It's sorta like how Hollywood celebrities are perfect, and that every single person wants to be just like them, but in truth, they have lives too, and it's pretty gosh-darn-hard trying to be perfect 24/7.

But back to surfing – while I was watching the clips, I realized that pro-surfers wipeout a lot – They don't nail every snap, they don't land every air, they don't get spit out of every barrel, jeesh I even saw Kelly bog a rail, eeek! “Well, they're just having an off day,” some would say, but is it really? They could be on top of their game and still screw up (you know you do, liar). I guess with all those surf movies having only the most impossible clips, it's hard to imagine them doing anything other. Now, I'm not, in no way, saying that us average Joes can rip as hard as them average pros – remember, they have the competitive skills to summon waves at a second's notice – but maybe they're just a little bit closer to mortality than we're led to believe.

Unfortunately, I failed to find a photo of Kelly eating it.

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  1. good article. While the waves were sub-par at trestles I was also shocked to see kelly falling so much.

  2. Very true. I learned this lesson during the late 80’s in San Clemente. Surfing at T-Street, a pro paddles out with a water photographer. Said pro goes on to bust insane snaps for the camera, but fails to make any of them. A photo from that session showed up in a magazine a while later with a caption stating that the guy rips. Yeah, the pro was good, but he didn’t make that snap.

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