Have you got a surfing movie that needs some profile?


If you're a surfing filmmaker or know of one, we're looking for surfing movies to review. We've been contacted by a number of great filmmakers, and have done reviews of One Track Mind, the new film by Chris Malloy, Chasing the Dream, a story about the surfing team at Huntington Beach High School among other films. More movies are on the way. That said, we've also found some beauts, like Surfing 50 States, and we'll be profiling this new and creative movie soon. So if you've got something in the can and want the surfing world to know about it, let us know at info [a] dailystoke.com.


  1. You need to review Jamie Budge’s 1965 film THE LIVING CURL… it’s been stored away for over 40 years and just put to dvd.. http://www.thelivingcurl.com

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