Technology and the ASP World Tour – bringing surfing to your desktop


Not being able to watch the Boost Mobile Pro because I was chained to my desk many miles away from the heart of the action was not fun. But the ASP World Tour made it fly with the webcast concept. Indeed, even pro surfers like Tom Curren are in on it. In recent interview with, Curren says he stays on top of the tour by the webcast when he can't be there live. The ASP has managed to stay on the cutting edge of technology, bringing the top contests live to our homes, via the internet.  Said Rabbit Bartholomew, President of the ASP: “Technology is something we've been working on for a long, long time.  We identified it as an area we really needed to develop.  The credit for all we've accomplished really goes to our Brazilian IT guru, Mano Ziul, who had a vision for developing a global surf webcast community.  TV has always been king, but the media format wasn't right for surf contests which run over a number of days.”

Indeed, pro surfing is a different sport, with fickle waves and weather. The ASP World Tour wanted to be at the forefront of technology and it has succeeded.  Beyond surf videos and live at the beach audiences, it gave surfers the world over an opportunity to see all of the top events as they happened.  It gave stars such as Kelly Slater the global audience he deserves, and it has helped to promote the ASP brand and a lot of the lesser known of the world's best and up-and-coming surfers.

“We realized we needed something different.  We're pro surfing.  We have no apologies to make, but we're not tennis and we're not football.  Surfing, is just not a stadium sport.  The webcast was our answer,” says Bartholomew.

Surfers around the world can share in the stoke, even if over the wire.

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