In Search of Captain Zero by Allan Weisbecker: Surfing Book Review


Ah yes, the Fucking Boat.

You know how Laird Hamilton is often referred to as an “all-around waterman”? The same case could be made for Allan Weisbecker. What is most surprising about In Search of Captain Zero is that the book also has a fair amount devoted to what is a truly fascinating purview into the world of drug smuggling from Colombia to Long Island in the 70s — all to support a surfer lifestyle.  And that's where the story of the Fucking Boat comes along – the name given by Allan Weisbecker to the shitty, yet sturdy 80 foot pleasure yacht that he commanded, which was chock full of some of the finest dope Colombia had ever put out. They made landfall somewhere in Connecticut, and payoff some kids with a couple of bales worth of pot. Nice!

His description of the Coast Guard is laugh-my-ass-off spot on, and describes every non-surfing lifeguard I've ever met.

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