Stunning Surf Photography Book: Distant Shores


Chris Burkard has released a new collection of remote surf photography, and it's absolutely stunning.

Distant Shores is a powerful book that draws you in, captures you, and whisks you away to experience every awe-inspiring moment. With each page turn, you are transplanted to the next destination and can almost feel the temperature drops, offshore mist or warm sun in each landscape.

Over the last eight years, Chris has traveled around the globe to compile the surfing photography featured in Distant Shores. From these travels, we're treated to exotic coastlines including Alaska, Chile, India, Japan, Norway and Mexico. From coastal fog to the laughing smiles of local children, every shot tells a rich story.


Chris' photographs open with a panoramic view, allowing us to sit back and immerse ourselves in that setting. His photography captures giant mountains while a surfer creates graceful lines in the lineup below the mountain range.


“[The water] is such a unique thing to shoot. Such a unique thing to try and be a part of and document. I really love the idea of documenting something that's so fleeting, something that's not going to be there tomorrow.”


And what beautiful surfing it is. Flawless aerials, deep bottom turns and barrels and fanned sprays are featured throughout the book, juxtaposed by quiet moments of contemplation before paddling out. The book presents a glimpse into the overall experience of surfing these exotic locations by portraying photos of landscapes, locals and other environments with their beautiful waves.


“We're always seeking out a new place that hasn't been surfed or a place that the surface has barely been scratched. We're looking for new ways to document it, new ways to explore it.”


“Photography is an opportunity for me to go out and see the world and bring something back…being able to come back with those experiences to share with the people that are important in my life.”


This photographic collection also features an interview with Chris Burkard. It provides great insight into his inspiration, career progression, the mechanics of his techniques, and what destinations lie ahead.


Distant Shores is an absolute must-have for any library, but it should really be featured on your coffee table. It's inspiring to flip through and you'll be itching to grab your board (and passport) immediately.

You can pick up Distant Shores here.



  1. Chris Burkard is a master of his craft and he knows how to capture those moments only we “real” surfers can relate to. Great review by the dailystoke


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