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DailyStoke.com is #1 on the Web for Surf Gear Giveaways (or so we’ve been told), with a Surf Spot Community, Gear Reviews, Interviews and just random rants by a bunch of kooks.  Owned & operated by actual surfers, we call it like it is and we’ve been featured on ESPN.com, GrindTV and competed in Surfer Mag’s Battle of the Blogs!  P.S. We also want to save our oceans and our beaches so that our little groms can be just as stoked as we are about surfing. Join Surfrider now.

For product reviews, advertising and partnership opportunities, or to bitch, moan, complain, email us at INFO@DAILYSTOKE.COM


  • ASP Addict – Located in New York, Ron covers the news related to the Association of Surfing Professionals. He’s addicted to the ASP. He also covers the ASP for ESPN’s surfing blog. Nice!
  • Surfer4Life – aka Ethan Sage is a former pro surfer and all around waterman reporting from Hanalei Bay Hawaii.  When he’s not writing for the ‘stoke.com he runs Kauai Outrigger Adventures.  Stop by and get schooled!
  • Pro Logger – Located in New Zealand, Lee Ryan aka Pro Logger is a former professional longboarder living in New Zealand, offering tips to new surfers and experienced surfers alike.
  • Tash.0 – Tash is a New England native currently residing on the north shore of Oahu.  She is also the reigning Texas state surf champion! (average size fish, very tiny pond).
  • Garage Shaper -Garage Shaper is a good description of Garage Shaper’s favorite hobby…next to actually surfing. He is a cold-water east coast surfer and always had an interest in how boards were built.  The foam dust hasn’t settled yet — be warned.
  • S-Juice – We still don’t know his real name – but when the juice actually goes to class he dreams of surfing.  He just returned from an epic surf trip in Australia, but calls NC home.
  • Weekday Warrior – Located in Leucadia, Weekday Warrior covers some of the ridiculous stuff in our surfing world. If you’re see something related to surfing, and it’s just stupid, please let him know.
  • SurfBuddah – SurfBuddah hails from Virginia Beach and recently achieved a state of surfing enlightenment. He eats, breathes and lives surfing. His goal is to make enough money writing for the ‘stoke.com to move out of parents house.
  • Messy Jesse – Located in San Diego, Messy Jesse calls a spade a spade, and covers core surfing with an eye to what’s going on in SoCal.
  • K.L. Pontz – That’s not his real name. Kevin has lived in SoCal but now call’s *secret spot* home.
  • Surf Avenger – Located in San Francisco, Jim covers surfing and physical fitness along with NorCal surfing scene.
  • Surfing Scotty – Located in San Francisco, Scott covers the NorCal surfing scene and is a shortboard king.
  • Soul Surfer – Located in San Diego, Kris is a longboard stylist covering the SoCal surfing scene. Also covers portions of the surfing industry.
  • Julia is Stoked – Located in Mexico (with reports from her travels), Julia is a hot wahine with a female perspective on surfing.
  • Seppo Wedsie – Located in San Diego, Matt is a shortboarder from SoCal covering the SoCal scene and the surfing industry. Spent a good amount of time downunder.
  • Mr. Kook – Located in Florida, covers all things kook.
  • Hot Wahine – A female surfer who’s name is descriptive and lives close to Swamis.


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