Airwalk Skimboard

Airwalk Skimboard Giveaway!


Airwalk SkimboardAIRWALK SKIMBOARD giveaway time!

Go to now and enter to win!

We absolutely love this board.

Lime Green ollie board, with a super solid 7-ply maple back.

This is the best skimboard you’ll ever put your hands on.

It’s free at now, but only for Stoke Community members so join our community today.

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About Surfrider

Give Surfrider a board, any board, and let him rip. He can shred a wave, kill it in the skate park, and in the offseason you will find him setting lines in the best pow mother nature has to offer. He has traveled the world in search of the stoke, will camp days to get one good set or one good line, and knows how to roll to get all the local hookups. He hasn’t had a real job in his life as far as we can tell, and will often disappear for weeks to test gear and explore. Stop hatin’, Surfrider is the real deal.

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