Garage Shaper

Garage Shaper is a nickname here at as well as a good description of Garage Shaper's favorite hobby…next to actually surfing. Garage Shaper has been surfing for many years and always had an interest in how boards were built but was always too timid to try it himself. He finally broke down a while back and got hands-on; the foam dust hasn't settled yet and he's getting new ideas every day. Being mostly self taught, Garage Shaper says he's had my share of mistakes. His goal is to build unique boards that ride well and share projects with surfers that will benefit every waterman. Look for more cool projects from the Garage Shaper soon!


Pipeline Predictions

Photo: Noyle

The north shore is coming alive, anticipation is building, when the next swell arrives, the Billabong Pipe Masters begins. As I ponder over whether I should start Seabass or Kolohe on my fantasy team, I came to the realization that no matter how much … [Read more...]

Nicole Scherzinger Is Just Too Hot to be a Celebrikook


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Dane Reynolds-Excerpt


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Surfing Sexism Overshadows Talent

Image via:

    Have you ever heard of Alana Blanchard? What comes to mind when you think of her? Howbout Anastasia Ashley? Be honest guys. How many thought “dat a*s” before carves or hacks?   On the flip side, have you ever … [Read more...]

Visser 2:20 Underwater Breath Hold!


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Winter Is Coming


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Why John John Should Be The Next World Champion, Not Medina

Medina has been getting a lot of hype lately fueling his already egotistical attitude. Yeah, he has the chance to win the world title. So what? So do a lot of other people, 7 if you want to be exact. If anyone should be winning their first world … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Every Surfer Should Visit Australia


Recently I had the privilege to do a semester abroad in Australia. During my 6-month stay in the land down under, I can confidently say I spent more time surfing than in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong grades are important, but when the opportunity … [Read more...]

Will Gabriel Medina bring the WCT title to Brazil in 2014?

Photo: ASP

Gabriel Medina could possibly be the first Brazilian to bring the coveted WCT title home to Brazil, if he should best veterans Slater and Parko. Medina, at the ripe age of 20, has the chance to be on the same pedestal as the legend him self, Kelly … [Read more...]

Quicksilver Hat Giveaway Winners Are:

Photo: ASP

Drumroll...and the winners are: Waveslider of San Diego Austin Cote of the live free or die state Congrats, and stayed tuned for more great giveaways. … [Read more...]

“There IS surf in Texas, well kind of…”

Photo: Rob Henson |Surfer: Tyler Bacquet | Spot: Galveston, TX |Date: July, 2013

It doesn't come every day. Nor every week. But now and then, when low pressure systems form in the Gulf of Mexico, stoke builds in the surf shops and bars of tropical wax fly off the shelves. Yes - in Texas, we have waves.  Good waves...Kind … [Read more...]

Azores Surf Trip: Days 3 & 4 Cheezin’


Days 3 & 4 With a report worse than the first Waist high day, we decided to scour the west side of the island. What an awesome few days indeed! Same plan: drive until lost, find somewhere amazing to see, repeat until you get your bearings … [Read more...]

AZORES SURF TRIP DAYS 1&2: The Plan is to Have No Plan!

PIC4 azores

Dailystoke community members Kyle and Guillaume won a free trip to the Azores courtesy of Dailystoke!  Here is how Days 1 and 2 went.  Share the stoke…and note these guys got bumped to first class.  Not bad, fellas.  Dailystoke is the #1 site on the … [Read more...]

Writers / Bloggers Needed !!


The ' needs some help covering events, interviewing surfers, reviewing gear, and blogging about anything surf related.  Flexible schedule and work from anywhere.  Email with background. … [Read more...]

The lowdown on the Kelly/Quiksilver split

It will be interestsing to see Kelly's boards without the iconic red Quiksilver logo at the nose...

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Firewire continuing a good thing – Linear Flex Technology (LFT)!!!


Following on the heels of the introduction of the new LFT construction in 2013, Firewire has expanded the LFT models to include all the Firewire/TOMO colabs, as well as top selling models such as the Unibrow, Dominator and Spitfire. (See our past … [Read more...]

Exciting news from Firewire Surfboards – Pyzel Surfboards Collaboration!!!


After the successful collaboration with Tomo Surfboards (see the Dailystoke Tomo Review for more details), Firewire has entered into a similar arrangement with Pyzel Surfboards. For the Dailystoke staff, this is a dream collaboration...we have been … [Read more...]

Exciting News Update – Firewire Teamriders Dominate ASP Rio Event 2014!!!


 In unprecedented affirmation of the performance characteristics of Firewire’s parabolic rail, EPS/Epoxy sandwich construction, Firewire teamriders Sally Fitzgibbons and Michel Bourez won their respective divisions at the 2014 Billabong Rio … [Read more...]

Stunning Surf Photography Book: Distant Shores


Chris Burkard has released a new collection of remote surf photography, and it’s absolutely stunning. Distant Shores is a powerful book that draws you in, captures you, and whisks you away to experience every awe-inspiring moment. With each page … [Read more...]

2-Second Stoke: Our Favorite Surf GIFs


We love a good surfing vid, but sometimes the best moments in surfing are just that- a single moment that defines the ride, whether it's shooting out of a barrel, your first air, or even your first ride. GIFs are a great way to capture that moment, … [Read more...]