Surfing Scotty

Scott is surfer from the Bay Area. Scotty is pictured here with a dog, though it's not his dog. More on Scott's quiver later. He's a surf instructor in San Francisco, a Coastal Geography expert and a people-watcher when it comes to NorCal surf culture.


Tribute for Ricardo Dos Santos


At about noon on January 20, 2015, Ricardo Dos Santos passed away after fighting to stay alive from three fatal gunshot wounds. Dos Santos was only 24 years of age and had a bright surfing career in head of him. According to social media reports and … [Read more...]

Wave Works Surf Shop Review


Being apart of the surf industry and turning it into a reality is one of the ideal dreams almost every surfer has. Surfers attain this dream either at a young or old age. Some surfers want to be professional sponsored surfing athletes, others prefer … [Read more...]

Surfboard Shaping 101 with Joel Fitzgerald


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Incognito Surf King of the West Coast


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JOB Double Soft Top Transfer


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Young Guns Storm the North Shore


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Surf is up, School is in at Rincon Surf School

Rincon Surf School 3

Rincon Surf School (RSS) is the best place to learn to surf in the Caribbean. There, I said it. If you are already an experienced surfer and want to know where to find the best breaks in Rincon on any given day, you’ve come to the right place. Owners … [Read more...]

Medina wins World Title; Wilson takes Pipe Masters

Sharing is caring. Both Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson had the best days of their lives yesterday.

*** ALL PHOTOS BY THE AUTHOR (Tasha Rivard, instagram: @tasharivard) *** Well, that was exciting. Friday, December 20th marked the final day of the Billabong Pipe Masters and the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing in clean, classic 8-foot … [Read more...]

Gabriel Medina: 2014 WCT Champion


Pipeline ended the 2014 WCT title race resulting in the first ever Brazilian winning the title. Gabriel Medina clinched the title as well as a spot in the record books next to Kelly slater for the youngest surfer to win a WCT title. The emotions … [Read more...]

Brazilian Holds World Title

Gabriel Medina ASP 2014 Champ

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Pipeline Predictions

Photo: Noyle

The north shore is coming alive, anticipation is building, when the next swell arrives, the Billabong Pipe Masters begins. As I ponder over whether I should start Seabass or Kolohe on my fantasy team, I came to the realization that no matter how much … [Read more...]

Nicole Scherzinger Is Just Too Hot to be a Celebrikook


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Dane Reynolds-Excerpt


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Surfing Sexism Overshadows Talent

Image via:

    Have you ever heard of Alana Blanchard? What comes to mind when you think of her? Howbout Anastasia Ashley? Be honest guys. How many thought “dat a*s” before carves or hacks?   On the flip side, have you ever … [Read more...]

Visser 2:20 Underwater Breath Hold!


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Winter Is Coming


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Why John John Should Be The Next World Champion, Not Medina

Medina has been getting a lot of hype lately fueling his already egotistical attitude. Yeah, he has the chance to win the world title. So what? So do a lot of other people, 7 if you want to be exact. If anyone should be winning their first world … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Every Surfer Should Visit Australia


Recently I had the privilege to do a semester abroad in Australia. During my 6-month stay in the land down under, I can confidently say I spent more time surfing than in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong grades are important, but when the opportunity … [Read more...]

Will Gabriel Medina bring the WCT title to Brazil in 2014?

Photo: ASP

Gabriel Medina could possibly be the first Brazilian to bring the coveted WCT title home to Brazil, if he should best veterans Slater and Parko. Medina, at the ripe age of 20, has the chance to be on the same pedestal as the legend him self, Kelly … [Read more...]

Quicksilver Hat Giveaway Winners Are:

Photo: ASP

Drumroll...and the winners are: Waveslider of San Diego Austin Cote of the live free or die state Congrats, and stayed tuned for more great giveaways. … [Read more...]