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Give Surfrider a board, any board, and let him rip. He can shred a wave, kill it in the skate park, and in the offseason you will find him setting lines in the best pow mother nature has to offer. He has traveled the world in search of the stoke, will camp days to get one good set or one good line, and knows how to roll to get all the local hookups. He hasn’t had a real job in his life as far as we can tell, and will often disappear for weeks to test gear and explore. Stop hatin’, Surfrider is the real deal.

Will Gabriel Medina bring the WCT title to Brazil in 2014?


Gabriel Medina could possibly be the first Brazilian to bring the coveted WCT title home to Brazil, if he should best veterans Slater and Parko. Medina, at the ripe age of 20, has the chance to be on the same pedestal as the legend him self, Kelly Slater, to share the record of the youngest surfer ever to win a WCT title.

Medina roughly has a one-stop advantage over Slater and Parkinson. Should Kelly or Joel have any hopes of robbing the young Brazilian of his title dreams, they need to perform at their highest level in the remaining three events. Looking back to last year’s tour, the tour veterans had strong showings in the ongoing and upcoming events. Mick Fanning, who is currently sitting in 4th in the rankings, is the defending champion of the Quiksilver Pro France, Parko had semi-final finishes in all three remaining events, and Kelly’s dominance at pipe last year, set the stage for an exciting finish to the title race.

Throughout the 2013 season Medina didn’t win a single event, eventually resulting in a 2nd or 3rd round finish in a majority of the events. In the upcoming days of the Quiksilver Pro France, the results of Slater, Fanning, and Medina, will ultimately determine the 2014 WCT title race. If Medina slips up and loses in the round of three or four, it will create the opportunity for Slater, Parko, and possibly Mick Fanning to determine the outcome of the 2014 WCT title race. As the rankings stand thus far, the “ball” is in Medinas court, he has the ability to determine whether the WCT title visits Brazil for the first time ever, or returns to Australia or the United States.

Photo: ASP

Photo: ASP





The Aloha Bean is on It’s Way to Winner BigKahunaBoy…This is Why You Should Join the Stoke Community!!


BigKahunaBoy, look whats on it way to you…..

For those of you that don’t know, BigKahunaBoy of GA is yet another Stoke Community member that won a free surfboard.

This time its a Aloha Bean, a ridiculously sick top-of-the-line surfboard from our friends at Global Surf Industries.

It’s a $500+ value, and BigKahuna gets it for free in our giveaway!!

Dailystoke is the best surf site on the ‘net for giveaways, with 3 board giveaways in the last few months — and more lined up.

So join our community and remember — we like members like BigKahunaBoy that are active in our community and on our site — so post a comment, submit or check into a spot, or friend some hot wahine in our community — and maybe an Aloha Bean will show up on your doorstep.

BigKahunaBoy tells us he is stoked, and will be taking pictures and videos of the board — and will also write a short review of what he thinks of the board.

Stay tuned — more sick giveaways are coming.

The ‘

The #1 site for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told)


Aloha Bean Surfboard Giveaway: Kooks Need Not Apply!


Do you want this sweet shred sick?  Would you like to win it for FREE?!?!

Well, the ‘ answers the call.

We’re giving away an Aloha Bean right now.  Go to and enter to win.

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Original Longboard Giveaway Going on Now at the ‘


Win a free Original Apex 40 longboard from today.  Choose an AvRocker or Double Concave rocker, whatever you like best.  Enter to win here:

And check out our review of these sweet decks here:

Dailystoke: the #1 site for gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told)

Surfboard Giveaway Winner Shows off his Stick…Lucky Mo’Fo’


wespez surfboard winner 1WesPez of GA, the proud STOKE COMMUNITY MEMBER and winner of the latest surfboard giveaway on the ‘, sent in some photos to show off his sick new shred stick and make all of you jealous (and we were glad to see the shipping company didn’t break it in half).   What did he say when he heard he won?

STOKED OUT OF MY MIND RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daily Stoke is the best site EVER!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

Yes, we are the best site ever.  You’re welcome.

He won a 6’2″ Meyerhoffer Pill, manufactured by our good friends at Global Surf Industries — which is led by a good dude and friend of the ‘, Mark Kelly.

WesPez is surely stoked, and he’ll be sending in his comments on the board — as we like our community members & readers to have the opportunity to share their unfiltered perspectives on gear we review (in addition to our staff).

We have 2 more surfboard giveaways lined up and all you have to do to win is join our community (and get active, we like that, submit a surf spot, comment in a forum etc).  It costs nothing to join and win, just ask WesPez.

The is on a mission to take over the surfing world online – to be the leading community based gear review site, which includes giveaways running every day of the year.  So join our community and get involved.  It’s going to be fun.

Thanks to all that entered the giveaway – but as we mentioned, don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win — rumor at the office water cooler has it 2 more surfboards are lined up for giveaway.

And look for WesPez’s comments on what he thinks of the Pill soon…

Nice photo, that is a thing of beauty.

Surfboard Giveaway 1 Day Left! Who Will Win?


photo credit: universal studios

Ohhh Yeahh!  Just 1 day left on our Surfboard Giveaway!  Enter to win and do whatever you want with it – you can even just sit on it and look cool like this guy.

What lucky stoke community member will win?  (hint: we like members that are active on our site, and some members have submitted surf spots to our new surf spot community…good job maybe you’ll win).

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Surfboard Giveaway! Even Kooks Can Win

Share is the leading site on the ‘net for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told).

We’re giving away a ridiculously beautiful Meyerhoffer Pill surfboard by one of the most progressive shapers on the planet today.  Its a $500 value…and you can get it for free!  Go here to ENTER TO WIN today.

Check out the video below to hear the man himself describe the boards features.  Its a fish that has been slimmed down, it has a thinner nose and shorter and thicker so you can catch more waves.


WRV Wave Riding Vehicles Prizepack Giveaway Winners Announced


Wave riding vehicles prizepack dailystoke.comStoke community members…

  1. Zoe of Haleiwa, Hawaii
  2. Jacob of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  3. Martin Watertown, UK

…win the WRV Wave Riding Vehciles prizepack!  You get a hat, t-shirt, keychain and a WRV sticker to express your inner-cynic.

Thanks for playing.

We have a Sun Bum sunscreen giveaway up next, and then maybe, just maybe, one lucky stoke community member could win a Meyerhoffer surfboard!  Sick, yes we know.  I’m out.

Unemployed or Bored with the 9 to 5? Work for!


photo: has a sick new web design and we are on a mission to conquer the world!  We’ve had alot fun of fun since we launched and we need some help to keep the dream alive.

We’re looking for writers to join our team.   So if you think you can do any of the below, send your info /resume to  We need:

(1) Surf Pop Culture Writers:  We are rolling out a new section that will require creativity, comedy and internet-savvy to uncover nuggets of surf awesomeness from the world wide web!  You don’t ever have to leave your house – this a pure fun job.

(2) Gear Review Writers: We get more surf gear review requests than we can handle, and need help testing all kinds of gear.

(3) Surf Gypsies & Travelers :  If you travel to surf spots around the world for a living or for fun, get in touch.

Previous experience is preferred for all but not absolutely necessary.

Email us at and tell us why you think you’d be good to go.

Winners Announced: Tricky Wrench Skateboard Giveaway!


8 lucky ‘Stoke Community members just won a Tricky Wrench skateboard tool !!

  1. NulaWahine of Hawaii
  2. Austin of Mechanic Falls, ME
  3. Tim of Centennial, CO
  4. Connor of Los Angeles
  5. Nicki of Chesapeake, Virginia
  6. Wes of Norcross, GA
  7. Nate of Valencia, CA
  8. LolSurfMReese of Newport Beach, CA

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Rumor has it, we may be giving away a Meyerhoffer surfboard next — tell us what model you’d like and maybe you’ll get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Free Shiz, Daily (You’re Welcome)

tricky wrench specs

BreakEast Boardshort Giveaway Winner: KC of VA!


Stoke community member KC of Bristow, VA wins the BREAK EAST boardshorts!!

Congrats KC and thanks for becoming a member of, the greatest website in the world.

The boardshorts will be arriving in a few days, after you check them out post a comment in our FORUMS and tell the world what you think.

You’re Welcome.

I’m out.

Garret McNamara Biggest Wave Ever? We’re Not So Sure, Hold The Applause


“Half the people think I’m out of my mind … and half are just – I think they all think I’m crazy, actually.”  -Garret McNamara after riding 90-foot beast off the coast of Nazare, Portugal

All the media outlets (alot of people in suits) are claiming Garret McNamara rode the biggest wave on record off the coast of Portugal.  In the video below, Garret tows into a massive slab in Praia do Norte off the cost of Portugal.  Garret and crew worked with the Portugese Hydrographic Institute studying this area before their latest sessions.  Praia do Norte is a bit of a phenomenon because the waves get super-amped due to the underwater canyons.   “This one just jacked up, broke, actually kind of barreled, and went to run me over, and somehow by the grace of God, I made it”, Garret told ABC after riding it.  “When I rode the wave I didn’t know how big it was and then it landed on me at the very end,” Garret said.  “It was like a ton of bricks on my shoulders and that’s when I realized if I had fallen it could have been really bad.”  Check out the video (it sounds better in Portugese, and this reporter is a looker):

We’ve heard this may end up in the Guiness Book of World Records (they still around?).  What Garret, now 44-years young, did is no question one of the biggest rides of all time.  But wave height is always in dispute.  Mike Parsons rode an 80+ footer at Cortes bank back in 2008, and that ride stands as the biggest wave ever ridden – even though Ken Bradshaw rode an 85 footer in Hawaii in 1998.   Parson’s wave looks bigger than Garret’s wave to me on video, but who knows with all the camera angles – and maybe we’re spending too much time debating this?  Garret’s ride will be entered into the Billabong XXL Global Big-Wave Awards, and then all this wave height stuff will be decided.  Until its officially decided: Parsons — you rode the largest wave ever.

IMain-Go Giveaway Winners Announced! JamJar, Sam, WB-Wahine, Jason


The Stoke Community at kicks ass!

Why? Because we give away sick products all year ’round.

These 4 lucky stoke community members just won an IMain-Go – a $70 value.

  1. JamJar of Honolulu, HI
  2. Sam of Kingstown, RI
  3. WB-Wahine of Wilmington, NC
  4. Jason of Midway City, CA

Get stoked!  and don’t let the dog scare away the mailman – the package is in the mail on its way to you!

Mark Kelly, Founder of GSI, Takes Your Questions…and Rumors of a Board Giveaway?!?!


We recently interviewed Mark Kelly, the founder of GSI, and he is taking your questions on right now!  Just post a comment at the end of this article here, and the man that built a surfboard empire will take your questions.

…and there is a rumor going ’round the dailystoke offices that we may have a GSI surfboard giveaway coming up soon…and that it may be a sick Meyerhoffer as pictured here.  Shhhhh, keep it on the down low….

Surf Speaker Giveaway @! iMain Go-Time


The latest Giveaway:

The iMainGo X.  iMain-Go makes a portable speaker that works with your iPhone and iPad so you can share the tunes on the beach between sessions….go to and enter to win today!  a $70 value and we have 4 freebies for 4 lucky stokers.

Check out our review here for all of the iMain-Go’s features.