“Electric Wilderness”

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“A Few Barrels” With Koa Rothman

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“Addicted to the Moment”

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Earth Day and Ocean Pollution Awareness

Today, 4/22/15, is a really special day. On Earth Day we pay homage to our home and planet. It is a day for recognizing and continuing our behavioral practice in protecting our environment. However, we have not really been on our best behavior with … [Read more...]

Birds Eye View from Crane Aerials

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Disrupting The Industry- 3D Printed Surfboards

Shapers are modern day artists, they take a raw blank and sculpt it into the beautiful piece of art we call a surfboard. Think of Al Merrick as Michelangelo and Matt Biolos as Lorenzo Ghiberti, famous sculptors for those of you who haven't picked up … [Read more...]

Mormaii Floater Surf Sunglasses GIVEAWAY!!

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Margies Fantasy Picks

Well, here we are again; fantasy surfer crunch time. Margaret River has to be my least favorite spot on tour. [Rio's a close second] Its a funky wave. Its got air sections, rail sections, the occasionally barrel section, but mostly bumpy sections. … [Read more...]

prAna: Adding functionality and sustainability to the lineup

PrAna and I go way back. As a longtime climber/yogi/runner/outdoor enthusiast, they've been on my radar and in my closet for over a decade. Prana is the Sanskrit word meaning “breath, life, and vitality of spirit.” Originally centered within the … [Read more...]

Craig Anderson’s Segment from “Innersection”

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Passenger Clothing: A UK Surf and Adventure Company

As surfers we are also travelers, or in this case we are "Passengers". We become a Passenger each time we set out on a new adventure to uncover what is unknown to us. Surf trips are more than just sea-riding, its about the journey to your … [Read more...]

The Revival of Clay Marzo

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Kelly’s Mid-life Crisis

Like any college student, I was simply procrastinating studying for my art history exam, lame right? I decided to scroll through instagram and I came across Slater's picture announcing his retirement. Like most of you probably are, I was shocked. … [Read more...]

Bodyboarder finds Flight Time at the Wedge

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Dennis Jarvis: Pro Surfer, Sick Shaper, Part Time Actor


  You're being inducted into the surfers hall of fame, did you ever think this was possible when your first started? Uhm, well I opened the shop actually at the end of my pro career, I was a miserable student. I started shaping surfboards, … [Read more...]

JS is so ILL.

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Surfing Is Everything Part 1: Sumatra

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Golden Boy Gabe Gets Fined

It was a rocky start (especially for Freddy P) to the inaugural world surf league season. The frustration showed, and personally, I loved it. For spectators, it was entertaining as hell even in the knee-high conditions. Josh Kerr was bashing his … [Read more...]

Bobby Martinez Gets Slotted at Home

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Gabriel Medina – Grow up

So this is not the type of news I like to share... nonetheless, it is news that needs to be shared. I would like to introduce young reigning world champ Gabriel Medina to the term "professionalism." It is defined by the Merriam-Webster … [Read more...]