Bobby Martinez bumps heads with Reef


Bobby Martinez too greedy? If anyone has noticed lately Bobby Martinez has been surfing with no stickers on the prime time endorsement location of his surfboard, the nose. His long time contract with Reef came up recently, and when they offered him three-quarters of what he was asking for, he walked away. In these tough economical times it's going to be hard to find another company willing to match the $500,000 dollar offer. Bobby quickly realized that, and with his management advising him to go back. Bobby decided to ink the deal that was offered, but at that point it was too late. After being turned down Reef was over it, and they had withdrawn. Now Bobby's found himself starting the new year with no major sponsor. Did he get a little too greedy? Tried to play hard-ball, and lost? We may be seeing more of these type of situations unfold with our current economy. I think people are seriously forgetting what they are getting paid for. To do something they love, would be doing regardless, and in turn never having to punch in a time card. When the financial market is in shambles, these dudes should know better, and take the hit like everyone else. You're still surfing great waves everyday, and eating fat meals. Relay this situation to a guy parked on the 405 every morning, and he would straight forwardly call you a “p#ssy”.

I agree, and here's Bobby showing why he's worth the big bucks…


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