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Kyle Bell Scores the Azores Trip !



196052_10101249306331925_2020790818_nKyle Bell, a surf maniac from RI, wins the Azores trip.  Wow he is going to be stoked!!!   Kyle tell us how you feel and that you can handle the epic Azores surf.   You have to promise to share the experience with your fellow stoke community members.

To everyone else, thanks for playing. Check back for more great giveaways.

Azores Surf Trip Giveaway – 24 hrs to a Winner!!


In just 24 hours the ‘ will be sending 2 lucky members to the Azores for an epic surf trip – and it’s all free including flights, hotel and the epic surf.

Enter to win today at

HINT:  we like people that post and link to our Facebook page !!!  (Winner will be selected based on Facebook comments)



3 More Lucky Giveaway Winners: Mt Theory Sunglasses


The winners of the MT THEORY sunglass giveaway are:

  1. NEZUMIIRO of Redding, CA
  2. MASONG18 of Houston, TX
  3. S.DONOVAN of Manassas, VA

Post a comment to claim your prize!

…and rumor has it we’ll be giving away a SURF TRIP FOR 2 to a warm island that has gnarley surf.  Its going to be our best giveaway yet!  Check back so you don’t miss it.

You’re welcome from the #1 site on the ‘net for surf gear giveaways.


7 Lucky Winners Announced: Chasing & Making Mavericks Giveaway


The 7 Stoke Community members below win a free Making Mavericks e-book from Zola books! Is your name on the list?  Winners, post a comment to confirm your prize.  Feel free to tell the world how stoked you are.  And remember dailystoke is the #1 surf site on the ‘net for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told).

The winners:

1) cyoder15 of San Clemente, CA

2) theresa.janke of Bonita, CA

3) ronnie.ortiz of Syracuse, NY (any surf there?)

4) lisa.vannoordeene of Virginia Beach

5) nathan.files of Valencia, CA

6) scotsmanstuart of Hamilton, CN

7) fishfoot of Avondale, AZ


PR Surf Vacation Giveaway!! El Conquistador Hotel Review


Dailystoke is running one of its best giveaways to date…a 3 day surf vacation in Puerto Rico!


The giveaway includes a 3-day, 2 night stay at the undisputed best hotel on the island of Puerto Rico, where you can hit up the local surf spots when you’re not at the hotel having the time of your life.

El Conquistador Hotel Review

The El Conquistador hotel is located on the east end of Puerto Rico in Fajardo, about an hour’s drive from San Juan.  The hotel is a 5-star hotel and is a Waldorf Astoria hotel.  The hotel just had a multi-million dollar renovation.  You should surf while you’re there but there is plenty to keep you busy — you really never have to leave the hotel.  The hotel’s amazing features:

  •  It has its own private island!  The hotel is set on a 300-foot cliff above the ocean, so there is no beach — just a marina at the bottom of the cliff.  So what do you do, you buy your own island of course!  Hotel guests get to take a catamaran to the uninhabited Palomino where you have the entire place to yourself.  The 100-acre island has pristine white beaches, activities like snorkeling, a private hiking trail, and on the right day you could even try to catch some surf.

Coqui Water Park: this park is brand-new, part of the hotel’s multi-million dollar renovation.  The park is set up against the beach at the bottom of the cliff.  It’s quite an experience to sit in the zero-edge pool up against the ocean and just chill.  If you want some action, they have high speed water slide for adults which has a 30-40foot drop and give you some nice g-forces on the way down.  They also 2 regular waterslides — one is designed to be used with a raft and the other you just jump in and go down.  There is also a very cool lazy river — you just grab a raft at one of the many entry sections and float around.  The river is surrounded by some beautiful plants and on the backside ride along the forest — its a pretty peaceful and relaxing experience — until you roll along and have to go thru a couple of the waterfalls.  The river is designed perfectly with a good amount of shade and the waterfalls to keep you cooled off if its really hot.  The Coqui water park is usually an extra charge for hotel guests — but don’t worry the ‘stoke got those passes included in the giveaway!

  • Other Hotel Features: the hotel also has a casino, a pristine 18-hole championship golf course, a bunch of stores, restaurants and cafes, a spa, and a huge pool in the center of the hotel.
  • Activities Nearby:
    • En Yunque Rainforest:  A huge rainforest about 30mins drive from the hotel.  Check the weather because when it rains it ain’t no fun (trust us).  The rainforest has hiking trails for all abilities, places to eat and drink, and various waterfalls to cool off.  Rainforest info click here
    • Bioluminescent Bay:  If you’ve never heard of this, you’re in for an experience.  The plankton in the water light up at night, and you can take a kayak and ride right thru this lighted beach.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Just a few minutes drive from the hotel:  Bio Bay Tours click here

      El Yunque Rainforest source:



Nearby Surf Spots:
La Selva and La Pared: Both surf spots are located in Luqillo, just northwest of the El Conquistador hotel in Fajardo.  La Selva is a little tricky to find because you can only access it on foot — and its a long walk — but worth it.  You have to trek down a dirt path and across a farmland to get there.  But when you get there its worth the walk — an empty pristine beach with good waves and no commcercial activity.  Just pack a lunch and some water — and enjoy the adventure and the surf.  The surf feels better after the hike!

We found some good info on La Pared and La Selva on, which has a good explanation on how to access La Selva:

La Selva Barrels

La Selva Surf Spot: While the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico is the well-known surfer hangout of the island, La Selva is one of the spots that truly shines in the northeast.  It is about 4-km walk across the beach from La Pared, which so happens to be one of the top surfing beaches in Puerto Rico for beginners. Literally meaning “The Jungle” in Spanish, La Selva is a hidden spot that is essentially empty during the week with just a few surfers over the weekend.

Why it’s popular:  Surfers say that just getting there is part of the adrenalin kick. Why? La Selva can only be reached by walking about 4 km from La Pared, then going down a narrow dirt road that eventually meets a barb-wire fence, which you have to jump. With no hotels, no neighborhoods, and only kilometer after kilometer of sand and ocean, the beauty of this palm-fringed spot will also take your breath away.

The Path to La Selva - Adventure Time!

How to get there:  Enter Luqillo from Interstate PR-3, then right by the intersection of Rt 3 and PR-992 you’ll find La Pared (take Cll A until you see it toward the coast). From there, it will take you about 45 minutes to walk to La Selva with your board across the sand. You know you are in the right place if you feel like you’re by a farm, with cattle around. The locals warn to watch for the cows on your way!

Enter to win this surf vacation now on here today! is the #1 site on the ‘net for surf giveaways (or so we’ve been told)

photo credits: (right) and (above)

BigKahunaBoy Shows Off His New Aloha Bean! (Giveaway Winner)


Stoke Community member BigKahunaBoy shows off his Aloha Bean — the shred stick he won in our giveaway.  A top-of-the-line surfboard, worth over $500+ and he gets it for free!

Congrats, BigKahunaBoy!

We have more surfboard giveaways lined up so join the Stoke Community today — get in on the action.

The Aloha Bean is on It’s Way to Winner BigKahunaBoy…This is Why You Should Join the Stoke Community!!


BigKahunaBoy, look whats on it way to you…..

For those of you that don’t know, BigKahunaBoy of GA is yet another Stoke Community member that won a free surfboard.

This time its a Aloha Bean, a ridiculously sick top-of-the-line surfboard from our friends at Global Surf Industries.

It’s a $500+ value, and BigKahuna gets it for free in our giveaway!!

Dailystoke is the best surf site on the ‘net for giveaways, with 3 board giveaways in the last few months — and more lined up.

So join our community and remember — we like members like BigKahunaBoy that are active in our community and on our site — so post a comment, submit or check into a spot, or friend some hot wahine in our community — and maybe an Aloha Bean will show up on your doorstep.

BigKahunaBoy tells us he is stoked, and will be taking pictures and videos of the board — and will also write a short review of what he thinks of the board.

Stay tuned — more sick giveaways are coming.

The ‘

The #1 site for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told)


Aloha Bean Surfboard Giveaway: 12 Hours Left!


12 hours left on our best giveaway yet!!

Enter to win today at

Hint: we like members that are active on our site so like us on facebook, add a spot, or post a comment — do something

This is a 6’6″ board that is professional level top-of-the-line quality, so you better have some game if you win…

What lucky stoke member gets it??

Aloha Bean Surfboard Giveaway: Just 1 Week Left – Enter to Win!









Just one week left until we giveaway the Aloha Bean Surfboard to one luck Stoke Community member.

This board ain’t for kooks, its a high performance shred stick so be sure you can handle it.

Hit up and enter to win today! – the #1 site on the ‘net for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told)