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anthony kiedis surfing

Adam Sandler vs. Anthony Keidis Surfing? Celebrikook-i-ness


Adam Sandler Anthony Kiedes SurfingIn this installment of Celebri-kook-i-ness, we give you Adam Sandler and Anthony Keidis kooking out, celebrity style.

We want your vote as to who wins this match up, but we say AK, not AS, hands down.

Not because all of Adam Sandler’s movies suck as of late, but because we have yet to see any evidence that Adam Sandler has actually gotten up and rode a wave.  Plus, Anthony Keidis grew up on the west coast.  Didn’t Adam Sandler grow up in Maine or NH?  It’s not landlocked but it ain’t Cali.

Keidis vs Sandler….Keidis.

Giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitaway now vs. that information would have been useful yesterday…..c’mon, give it away, that song can’t be touched.

Look at the skills and the concentration:

anthony kiedis surfing

Celebrikook: Evangeline Lilly Surfs Naked!

Evangeline Lilly Celebrity Surfing

photo courtesy

Well, sort of.

So Evangeline Lilly, of LOST fame, is frequently caught by the paparazzi kooking out all over the world.

She was featured surfing, and we use that term loosely, in Hawaii by Maxim a few months ago.

Here, she is trying to catch her board in the mush, but the waves takes her small little bikini down for a nice shot of her behind.


Evangeline Lilly, you are hereby elected into the Celebrikook Hall of Fame.

Your welcome.

But wait, below you can see she got her bikini up, and herself up, on a wave (applause)

evangeline lily bikini celebrity surfer

photo courtesy of

Celebrities who surf? – Hayden Panettiere


Does “Heroes” tv-star Hayden Panettiere surf? Hmm.. I’m guessing she probably surfs about as much as Ice-T does, but here she is carrying around a Cordell surfboard under her arm.

It doesn’t look like there’s much for waves behind her there, and I’m sure that was more of an exploring session than surfing. But, that’s cool though! She’s putting herself out in the ocean, and that’s a good start. More than I can say for the skimmers!

I’m joking, really… Hayden Panettiere is an active celebrity against whale hunting, and she even had a warrant for her arrest at one point for protesting such things. That’s pretty rad, and oh, did I mention she’s totally hot too?

Or is she too dwarfy?!

And what the f*ck is up with the mermaid?

Celebrities who can stand next to surfboards: Kardashian #2


Do we really have to start caring about all the Kardashians now? It’s like celebrity Reagan economics. I mean, I could make some really obvious “trickle down” jokes stemming from why Kim Kardashian is famous, but I’m gonna be a lady and pass…

Caption: “Does this board make my a$$ look big? I hope so, ’cause my sister gets all the attention with hers.”

Writer’s Note: I will never drink Sierra Mist again.

Writer’s Shopping List: Find new vodka mixer.

Celebs who surf


While hunting down info on Tom Hanks, who I clearly remember being branded as a lifelong surfer (though a longboarder) during his “Bachelor Party” days, I came across this interesting piece on celebrities and celebutards who surf. While most of these folks on the list are some of the more famous celebrikooks around, a few of them are news to me. Jack Johnson is a phenomenal surfer, as is well known within the surfing world. Eddie Vedder hangs with Kelly Slater, in and out of the water. Chris Isaak even featured surfing on his self titles television show. Matthew McConaughey throws his all into anything that allows him to keep his shirt off. Cameron Diaz has been photographed ad nauseum with self proclaimed “big brother” Kelly Slater. Adam Sandler admits he’s one hell of a kook, but loves mixing it up with the pros. But here’s the big bombshell. Uncle Fester surfed. I mean… come on…. Uncle Fester? He surfed? Seriously? Follow the link, read on and enjoy.

Denise Richards is a pretty hot surfing chick, actually


Despite being on a Stand-up Paddleboard, which I suppose is fine, Denise Richards is a pretty hot surfing chick. That said, the picture of her with the broom in her hand makes you wonder where, exactly, she was surfing. Afterall, some old lady is floating by on one of those pool floaters, and there appears to be a bleach bottle anchor floating nearby, too. Hmm. That said, Richards does show her surfing prowess in the end. Hot!

Surfing Magazine, Surfer Dude the movie and Matthew McConakook!


Just when you thought the world is ending, turns out that Surfing Magazine is in on the act. You’re seeing here a shot of the homepage of – one part of the homepage is spot on, and one part of the homepage is not as cool. Can you guess which?!? Surfer, Dude the movie comes out tomorrow. We’re going to see something else to get stoked. And we’re not “Taking a Hit, Brah!”

Matthew McConaghey Drops In to Say Hello!


Matthew McConaghey surfs, as you know, because he’s filming a movie called Surfer Dude, coming out in September. We’ve going to line up overnight to get our tickets. STOKED. Interestingly, Surfer Magazine had an interview with his stunt double, whose name escapes me and I recycled the mag. Anyway – I’ve seen Matt on a wave – but yeah, there are some pretty big stunts apparently in that movie – like going over the falls blah blah blah. Anyway, surfing is a blast, and we all drop in on the person closest to the breaking wave. Even Matthew!