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“A Day in Port-A” … Your Next Surf Trip: Texas?


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.40.38 PM

I’ve talked a bit about the Texas surf culture in the past (need a reminder? Click HERE). It’s an eclectic mix of weirdness and stoke. Having lived in the state for two years, you can believe me when I say that good surf is extremely rare, decent surf is infrequent, and poor surf prevails. When we do get lucky, though, magic happens.

Attesting to that fact are Corpus Christi locals Nate Floyd, Morgan Falkner, and Tegan Gainin. Their recent edit, A Day in Port A, will make you want to get up grab your log and go play. I dare you to tell me this doesn’t look like an absolute blast.

Keep an eye out for their full length film coming out late 2016!

Margies Fantasy Picks


Well, here we are again; fantasy surfer crunch time. Margaret River has to be my least favorite spot on tour. [Rio’s a close second] Its a funky wave. Its got air sections, rail sections, the occasionally barrel section, but mostly bumpy sections. This makes it extremely difficult for me to assemble a team that I confidently feel has the ability to conquer everything thrown at them. As the trade deadline dwindles from days into mere hours and minutes, I’ll give you an inside look at my elite eight fantasy team.

Winning it all: Taj Burrow

Taj isn't afraid of anything West Oz throws his way.

Taj isn’t afraid of anything West Oz throws his way.

It’s his backyard and it’s going to be PUMPING. Not only does he have home field advantage, but Taj consistently performs well. Out of 18 years on tour, only twice has he finished outside the top 10. To get results like that you have to win a few events, and there’s no better place for Taj to snag a win then at home.



Charges big waves? Check. Proper rail game? Check. Airs? Double check. John John meets all the requirements for the 2015 Margaret River Pro. Since he was basically conceived in the barrel at pipeline, I imagine John John will find himself quite comfortable in 12′-20′ wave faces at Margies.

3-Josh Kerr

Photo: ASP

Photo: ASP

Yep, another old aussie gets the nod. Last year Kerrzy made the finals but surfed like shit. This year maybe someone will remind the old bloke to wax his board and he’ll prove to be a good pick. He’s got the ability to put it hard on rail and his air game puts some of the young guns to shame.

4-Owen Wright


Whatever you’re doing this year, keep doing it. 2013 and 2014 weren’t really your years. This year though, you’re going to win an event. I’m not asking you to necessarily win this event, but please, don’t blow it before round 4. When he’s on, he’s tough to beat. The conditions suit you Owen, don’t be a kook.

5-Matt Banting

Matt Banting

This was one of the toughest decisions in selecting my team. The rookie costs a hefty 5 mil and only has 2 events under his belt. I’m hoping his nuts drop this event and he can show the veterans he knows how to use his lanky body to displace some serious aqua. Bantings forehand rail work is stylish and he can take to the air with the best of them. The only doubt I have is if he’ll be able to prove himself in heavy surf.


TomCarey_WA0047 Zietz

Come on Seabass, think back to that quarterfinal against Slater in 2013. Kelly flogged you with a perfect 20 while you put up a measly 4.10. Get fired up ya mad dog. Its about time you get some results, don’t let me down.

7-C.J. Hobgood


He sits near the bottom of the rankings, but has the potential to pull off an upset. His backhand is decent but where he will excel is relying on his experience. In a dream world, Seabass and Hobgood would knock Adriano into the redemption round, but we’ll have to wait and see.

8- Dusty Payne


I picked Dusty because he’s built like an ox and loves big cruddy surf. Hopefully he can find that mojo he had in Hawaii to lay down some solid scores. Bells was an unlucky draw so this event I’m expecting Mr. Payne to give everyone a run for their money. 

5 College Majors For The Surf Minded Student


As my collegiate career is coming into the home stretch, I find more people asking me what I’m going to do when I leave the four year day dream that college is. This got me questioning myself, how am I going to function before 11am? I can’t keep my Monday-Thursday schedule? For those of you just starting the best four years of life, or you fifth year super seniors looking to switch up your major again , below is a list of five majors that could land you a job in the surf industry.


  1. Business

This one is an obvious choice; whether you decide to crunch numbers about board short sales, or deal with your employees bailing on work to catch a few waves, a business degree will have you covered. Business is usually a pretty large department depending on the university, resulting in some lectures having upwards of 75 students. If you are adamant about attending class and getting to know your professors, this can be a bitch. On the flip side, since classes are so big, no one will notice when you decide to get a quick session in instead of going to class.

You'll have a couple day dreams that look like this during those boring accounting lectures.

You’ll have a couple day dreams that look like this during those boring accounting lectures.

  1. Marketing

Lets be real, the surf industry is almost entirely based on marketing. We buy there stuff because it looks cool, its lightweight, its got NASA rocket technology to help you boost airs to mars, whatever crap they say to sell their product. A marketing degree most likely would fall into the same department as business, but less accounting, business law, and other classes that’ll cause you to have a mid life crisis at 21. Plus, you can take advantage of the large class sizes to get in some extra time to clear your mind in the ocean and come up with the next great marketing campaign.

It wouldn't be a bad day at work coming up with an ad like this.

It wouldn’t be a bad day at work coming up with an ad like this.

  1. Computer Science

This one might come as a surprise, but think about how often you watch surf videos, read surf articles, check the surf forecast. Someone needs to know how to make the interweb work. Being able to design, fix and maintain websites is crucial for any surf company. I’m sure they would rather hire someone with some surf knowledge than the average computer nerd.

It'd be super boring if you weren't creating an app dedicated to surfing.

It’d be super boring if you weren’t creating an app dedicated to surfing.


  1. Hospitality/ Tourism Management

I don’t know any surfer that wouldn’t want to work for a surf resort. Hell, i’m sure some of us would work for free as long as we got food, shelter, and to surf our brains out. A degree in tourism management would give you the skills  you need to run a surf resort. You’re, literally working with people who are on vacation all the time, there shouldn’t be to much to stress about as as long as none of their stuff gets stolen, and no one gets seriously injured.

Who would complain on something like this.

Who would complain on something like this.

  1. Any other major

If you’re being realistic, its not what you know, its who you know. Major in dance, art history, whatever you want. Just make sure you network and create a couple important relationships that can hook you up with something to cover all that financial aid money you spent on booze.


2-Second Stoke: Our Favorite Surf GIFs


We love a good surfing vid, but sometimes the best moments in surfing are just that- a single moment that defines the ride, whether it’s shooting out of a barrel, your first air, or even your first ride. GIFs are a great way to capture that moment, so we’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you our favorites. Check them out and post any of your favorites in the comments.








behind the scenes.


Beautiful…and so are the waves.


longest. barrel. ever.








barreled at Teahupo’o.


ocean breathing.


And then there’s this guy. The end.

Note: We did not make these gifs nor do we own them. Credit goes to those who did in fact make them; also, if you see your gif and wish for me to take it down or post proper credit, please drop us a message and we will gladly do so.

Pipeline Isn’t the Only Rad Thing About Surfing…


…Smokin’ hot dumb blonds are one of the best things about surfing. Watching and talking to them rules. This is Tashia McIntosh, and she’s trying to win “Miss Transworld Surf”. Which is the magazine’s never-ending search for hot chicks in bikinis, I.Q. not an issue. Her-ray! Down below you’ll find a video interview with Tashia, and this has to be my favorite quote from the adorable little piece: “I think I was born naked”. Priceless. I love her. She’s answering Chris Cote’s question as to how comfortable she feels in a bikini. Tashia thinks she might have been born naked…and feels she should have been born in a bikini instead. Yep, it’s even better when you see it. I think she should have been born in this bikini last night in my dreams, but I didn’t know of Tashia then and I don’t think my brain could have come up with that quote. Chris Cote, being the funny guy he is, responded with “I think I was born in a 3-piece suit”, and she’s oblivious to the joke at her own expense.


I love you, boo! Best of luck…

You can see more exciting interviews with other swim suit hopefuls here.

Time Lapse surfboard shaping is really, really cool


Watching a surfboard get shaped is pretty fun – it just goes to show you what goes into to making a custom made surfboard. There’s! a! lot! of! flipping!! This time lapse shaping vid is brought to you by Rick Malwitz surfboards.

A surfer getting spit out of a barrel won’t get you pregnant


Metaphor time! If getting barreled is the closest thing to an orgasm, than this is the closest a man will ever get to a woman’s. It’s common knowledge that a female orgasm last much longer compared to a Male’s, and to put this in layman’s terms, a man’s peak would be compared to a quick tube at the pier. Where a woman’s time in the “Spirit World” would be more like Ozzie Wright’s ridiculously long barrel in Indo, click here.

Get my drift?

That is the difference between what’s happening inside a woman’s mind, compared to a males, during an orgasm…

I have no idea who this is, but this is seriously one of the deepest tubes I’ve ever seen in Mexico that wasn’t Puerto Escondido. This has to be the same spot Andy Irons won the “Somewhere In Mexico” Rip Curl event back in 2006. You can watch that swell clicking here. It was Andy and Taylor Knox in the final, and Andy popped a big air for the win. Thinking back, there were so many good barrels in that event that picking a favorite would be like choosing your most memorable orgasm. For a man that’s impossible, because they’re all equally amazing regardless of who made them happen.


Think your local break is crowed? Try going out in this:


Think Lower Trestles is crowed? Check out this clip I came across on YouTube today of somewhere only Satan knows because I can’t read the language description. From the looks of things, it must be Hell. Why would anyone even want to paddle out in that?! I don’t know about you, but I’m not really into getting fins run across my calves or surfboard noses in my eye. Talk about having a nervous breakdown. I’d probably end up killing someone. That someone most likely being my own face when I throw my fist into it. You could be the mellowest, best-mannered person in the world and still completely lose your mind out there. This must be what the whole world looks like from outer space, huh? No wonder all the passing aliens are like “F#ck that!”, and never land here anymore.

What’s the difference? Just add water:

Wave Pool Found in Ocean off Africa


I had the very very long pleasure of watching the new …Lost 5’5″ x 19 1/4″: Redux surf epic. As with anything that runs on and on for six hours, it was hard to maintain focus. After watching plenty of barrels and plenty of airs, the movie slowly lulled me into a hypnotic state of dreariness. Watching, but not really seeing anything, I stared and stared as surfer after surfer punted 360 airs. I might as well have been watching the growth of General Sherman since the birth of Christ.

But, then it came on screen–a bold flash of light akin to the big bang dislodged me from my unconscious slumber.

Skeleton Bay, Namibia on film. Surfer Magazine did a story on the wave back in December, but this is the first video of the place. Skeleton Bay–an ever barreling, never ceasing, wave pool of perfection that has a lot of us wondering: what other mystical waves are out there that we don’t know about?

Watch the teaser of the wave with Cory Lopez, and I’d recommend convincing a friend to buy 5’5″ x 19 1/4″: Redux so that you can see the whole section. But, just skip ahead to the Skeleton Bay section, and the rest of the video your friend can save for a day when you are not around. Because, really, your friend is better suited to wasting away six hours of a day for a surf movie than you.

Surf Movie Review: Storm Surfers New Zealand, a Sick Flick


We at got our hands on an advance copy of Storm Surfers New Zealand, which is coming out Wednesday on the Discovery Channel.  Stoked!!  We love Storm Surfers and this film is, well, pretty sick….and Tom Carroll and Ross Clark-Jones are, well, pretty sick too.   

OK, OK…so to get to our surf spot today we need to, uh…fly a bazillion miles, then make our way up river for what seems like another bazillion miles, then get through some rapids, then do some helicopter recon missions, then wait for a road to open after avalanche blasting (yes, I said avalanche, as in snow!) and then we will crash at an old abandoned school in the middle of nowhere.  But the surf is going to be insane!!  That’s the movie in a nutshell. 

The movie was shot in New Zealand, the undisputed most beautiful place on earth, with some amazing footage.  But before Tom and Ross get to NZ, they are chasing swells in Tasmania and doing “warm-ups” on 25-footers at Pedra Branca.  Then they hit the west coast of NZ (Fiordland) where they hook up with local big-wave rider Ben Young, and surf forecaster Ben Matson, to surf Barn Bay and Yates Bay. 

Note: if you travel with these guys (a) you better know how to ride huge slabs, and (b) bring a good wetsuit because when they get to NZ, I was waiting for Jermey Jones to appear and Ross & Tom to go snowboarding, as all you see is snow capped mountains.  They end up surfing in 37F (3C) degree weather.   That’s dedication!!

 Of course there are good surf shots in this movie, but what really makes it stand out is you get an up close on all the trouble these guys have to go through to get the big waves.  Not only do they have false starts with the weather after traveling via air, land, and sea and any other means, they have to go on REALLY long journeys just to get to these remote places (good news: no kooks when you get there!).  They finally end up at Yates Point, which is a pretty crazy place to be surfing: there are 6,500 ft (2,000m) mountains right at the coastline so the water is deep as hell – apparently it’s some of the deepest shoreline in the world.  They end up finding the huge waves, but have to suffer through a hail storm and 40mph+ winds.  No problem at all. 

For shapers, there is a section in the movie where Tom meets up with Andy DeVille, a guy that designs Americas Cup yachts, and they experiment with using V-shaped hull-like designs from a boat on a surfboard – to help Tom cut through choppy seas.  They end up designing a board made entirely of cedar.

Storm Surfers New Zealand will be premiering on the Discovery Channel Wednesday @ 8:30PM EST so check that sh!t out!!  You can also check out their website  and let’s keep supporting Tom and Ross so we can get more Storm Surfers.  We can’t wait for the next one!

Waves for Development – Surfing and Volunteering in Peru


400 boards. That’s what Global Surf Industries donated to a new surfer-run organization called WAVES for Development. WAVES for Development is less than a year old, but doing heaps for locals in Peru who might never have the chance to surf, even on waves right there for the taking. (Like the pretty “little” left shown here.)

So just what is WAVES for Development? In sum – it’s a nonprofit organization that connects surfing with sustainable development. It was started by surfers focused on development issues in Lobitos, Peru, with a goal of bringing surfers from up north down to Peru to teach surfing, and maybe teach English in the community, or some other kind of development work suggested by the local community. We recently caught up with one of the founders, Dave Aabo. Aabo is particularly stoked by the work and it shows with his passion for the project. He is working virtually full time on WAVES for Development down in Peru, catching waves, of course, but working on expanding the nonprofit’s footprint in Peru.

Says Aabo: “Call it Peace Corps, for surfers. WAVES for Development is offering surf programs that help at-risk youth gain an appreciation for the ocean that’s at their doorstep, while building confidence and having fun.”

Talk about a great way to do so Voluntourism, get some adventure, and catch some sweet Peruvian waves.

“The first big lift we got was from GSI, who donated the boards – a shipping container full, actually. But we also received tremendous support from the Peruvian Sporting Institute, which worked with Peruvian government officials to get the boards in easily,” says Aabo.

WAVES for Development has sent some 30 surfers to Peru, and is a concept that can be exported to other developping countries. They’ve gotten at least 150 local youth up and riding. Nice.

I’d bet at least one of our readers dumps the 9-5 grind and flipping burgers and heads to Peru to share the stoke and lend a hand. Yeah, you. You should go.

You’ll do some good, and get a great looking left!

Check out their site for more information at WAVES For Development.

Surfboard boardbag fees aren’t going down anytime soon


surfboard travelGiven that surfboard boardbag fees aren’t going down anytime soon, and I’m heading to Costa Rica, what I really, really need is a board like this that can collapse into two pieces. Not a longboard, but a shortboard. You may have seen this board somewhere as a concept board, a carbon fiber collapsible surfboard or even the Pope bisect travel surfboard. But nobody, so far, has been able to do a shortie. It’s high time.

Taking a trip to Baja? Check out the Sportsmobile. The ulimate surfing vehicle


surfing truckWe stumbled upon the ultimate surfing truck/van thing – and it’s called a Sportsmobile. We were intrigued – so we did some digging and interviewed one of the main dudes at Sportsmobile. Here goes.

DailyStoke: The SportsMobile has probably been favorite of exploratory surfers since before I was born, which is 1978. What’s the back story?
Sportsmobile: Sportsmobile (SMB) began in 1961 converting the Volkswagen vans to a camper with and expandable roof. At that time, the Volkswagen was the best available platform for a small efficient camper. In the 70’s Sportsmobile started using the domestic vans…(Ford, Chevy, and Dodge) Using the same basic conversion ideas as on the Volkswagens, the American vans were better suited to handle the added weight of the camper and still have enough power to make it up the hills and/or tow. Sportsmobile really grew in popularity around 1990 with the integration of the 4×4 system to the camper conversion. This would allow for travelers to get “off the beaten path” and explore places that normally only could be accessed by Jeeps and like vehicles. The comfort that the Sportsmobile provides as well as its great size and amazing off road capabilities make it a great way to travel for anyone that has a passion for the outdoors…surfers being towards the top of that list.

DailyStoke: I must commend you. The Sportsmobile vans that I saw would eat a Hummer alive. Are the Sportsmobile’s as environmentally friendly? 😉

Sportsmobile: One of my favorite custom license plates that I have seen on an SMB is HMR EATR. They really blow Hummers out of the water with their looks and capabilities. They also are much more environmentally friendly than the Hummers are. With the diesel engine on the 4×4 Ford vans, people are getting almost twice the fuel mileage as the Hummers. The last report I got from a customer on an extended road trip showed an overall average mileage of 16.7 mpg. To take it a step further, many of our customers use bio-diesel…or even do a full conversion to vegetable oil. Using the waste grease from restaurants to operate a vehicle like a Sportsmobile is about as environmentally friendly as it gets! Here is a one of our surf customers that has done the veggie oil conversion on his rig. You may have heard of him before 😉 – Jimmy Buffett.

DailyStoke: Any stories of surfers giving up the rat race for exploration of foreign surf breaks? Or better yet, traversing the Darien Gap? Have you read or heard of Allan Weisbecker’s In Search of Captain Zero? In that book, he puts one of those motorhome thingys on the back of a 4×4 Truck, and sets out on a surfing journey from New York to Panama. I’d bet he’d like to try out your vans.

Sportsmobile: There are more than a few surfers that have given up the day to day grind and jumped in their SMB for some surf exploration. We have had customers drive throughout North and South America finding as many breaks along the way as possible. The most popular destination for foreign breaks is of course Baja…being here in our own backyard. One of the nice things about the Sportsmobile lifestyle is the ability to go anywhere at anytime. These vehicles allow even the busiest of surfers to get away on short notice and hit some spots that normally would require tons of advanced planning.

DailyStoke: At the price point for a Sportsmobile Van, a regular surfer would likely have to make the Sportsmobile their home. Seems doable, barring parking and bylaw violations.

Sportsmobile: There are plenty of people who decide to give up a permanent residence and “live in a van down by the river”…or beach…whatever  The thing many people do not realize is the ability for extended financing on these vehicles. Sportsmobiles are classified as recreational vehicles which qualify for 15-20 year loans. This can make monthly payments doable for almost anyone. The way these things hold their value, extended financing is a very attractive option.

DailyStoke: Are there opportunities to rent a van, rather than buy? I see there’s a resale market with 4x4s going for around $45,000.
Sportsmobile: Unfortunately Sportsmobiles are not something available for rent. We have sold some vehicles to a company in Hawaii that does Volcano tours, but nothing regarding surf destinations.

DailyStoke: What would be your van recommendation for a surfer interested on making the trek down south? Forget Baha – I’m thinking Torrance to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Sportsmobile: The Ford van with the powerstroke diesel engine and the Sportsmobile 4×4 conversion would be the perfect vehicle for a trip down into South America. This vehicle would be able to handle any of the road conditions encountered along the way. The bulletproof option may be wise for those driving through Colombia.

DailyStoke: C’mon now. Let’s not forget to soup it up, right – are a disco ball and wall to wall carpeting available accessories? What are other “I’d-be-stoked-to-have” accessories?

Sportsmobile: I did experience a Sportsmobile with a disco ball on our last rally. So far only one stripper pole has been installed in a Sportsmobile, but I can see that option picking up as soon as more people get wind of it. Of course shag carpeting is always fun for the retro look, but some of the features that are great for surfers include a durable marine grade vinyl flooring that can be easily cleaned and handle any salt water that might come it’s way. The addition of a shower wand with heated water in the rear of the van is a must for anyone hitting the bigger winter breaks up North. Full wet suit lockers with drains and interior board storage racks make it easy to have all of the gear ready to go if a swell comes in on short notice. On-board GPS navigation with flatscreen TVs are great electronic options for any surfer that doesn’t want to get lost, and for those who enjoy falling asleep to Endless Summer. Remote control exterior mounted spotlights can be great when searching for a good spot after dark. This names just a few of the options that are available…I could go on for days with this one.

DailyStoke: A van that breaks down is only as good as the mechanic you have on board, or the mechanic you find in a remote Peruvian town. You can’t exactly call OnStar, can ya! So what happens in that case? You live and die by your own hands? What’s the part that is most likely to break down? Not that it’s going to break down, ya know, but just thinking ahead.

Sportsmobile: Most of the components that Sportsmobile adds to the base chassis are very durable and simple to fix in a pinch. The toughest thing to deal with would almost always be an engine problem encountered on the vehicle. There aren’t always dealerships in or around many of the places that Sportsmobile frequents. But after experiencing some of the “bush mechanics” down in Baja, I am starting to question the training that these dealer mechanics are getting. We have had Sportsmobiles travel all over the world and had great success in handling repairs.

DailyStoke: Any advice if you’re making a slightly longer trek, say California to Argentina?

Sportsmobile: DO YOUR RESEARCH if you are taking longer trips that involve multiple countries. Being prepared with proper documentation and insurance usually presents the biggest challenge when making a trip across foreign continents. Know where it is safe to drive and when it is safe…ie no night driving etc. As far as the Sportsmobile vehicle goes, there may be some spare parts that would be wise to carry. Water filtration devices can also be very helpful when traveling in foreign territory. Usually vehicles that run into problems in foreign territory have what we like to call a “loose nut behind the wheel”…if you catch my drift. Using common sense and good planning will allow for a safe and enjoyable road trip.

DailyStoke: Bandits, road rage or bad surf. What’s the biggest hazard to drivers?
-Bandits…major problem in Baja. You can’t be too careful down there nowadays.
-Road Rage…big time issue in Southern California. This road rage then translates into wave rage when you are in a crowded lineup in Orange County and you keep getting snaked by some clown from Riverside.
-Bad Surf…biggest problem here in FresNO Beach where Sportsmobile West is based. Fortunately the recent trend of wakesurfing behind the wakeboarding boats here at the local lakes have brought us some surf, but it’ll never get double overhead!

The inflatable surfboard bag solution has arrived. And it’s Sick.


inflatible surfboard bagOk, so here’s the deal. I took a surfboard to Puerto Rico with American Airlines.

American Airlines:

1 – Put a hole in the deck.
2 – Crushed the tail.

Whose fault was it? Mine, of course. For thinking that I could properly pack a surfboard in a regular board bag, cross my fingers, and make it to Puerto Rico safe and sound. No dice.
But this puppy, the Soma AirBag shown here, is the best surfboard travel bag I’ve come across. Think the protection of a Santa Monica Hard Case, with the portability of a day bag. Sweet! These bags come in at a surprisingly low price of around $135, which is a killer deal, frankly. I’ve spent more coin on ding repairs and frustration with Delta, American and United. There are currently three sizes: 6’6, 7’0, 7’6. Strikes me as a bit big, but I suppose it’ll work for anything short of a log or SUP, god forbid.

inflatable surfboard bagAt the same time, you kinda wonder if you can put a hole in the bag. One of the founders of Soma, Airbags, Perry, explained to DailyStoke that you would need an Xacto knife to do that. The corners and dings from the airport terminals? Apparently not.

We’ll be testing out the SOMA airbag in the coming weeks, and we’ll be sure to try mess it up. If it survives, it’s gonna rock off the shelves.

These inflatable surfboard bags officially hit the market in 2009.


All we need to do now is get the airline fees for board bags way down.

[Updated: February 12: Nice demo vid is below.]

The best wave making machine yet – Surf The Ring


surfing man made waveSurfing a chest to head high, glassy and perfect wave sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well how about if that wave turned on when you want? If Dayton Beach, Florida’s Kevin Roberts has his way, we’ll be surfing 365 days of the year in perfect conditions with a new mega-contraption he has conceived, called Surf the Ring. Roberts has invented a man-made wave that appears to propagate around a ring. Picture a donut (mmm!), where the middle is a circular beach island, with a racetrack of water surrounding it. The wave is generated perpendicular to the ring itself, which allows it to create a perfect, breaking right. Or a left, if a switch is flipped.

And before you think “Oh god, another Flowrider” – this man-made wave is the real deal. I’ve seen a prototype in action – a 1:36th scale model – and I was impressed with what I saw. A video is below, and you can see the photos and judge for yourself.

Here’s how Roberts explains it: “Each wave is actually not traveling around the ring, rather towards the beach. However, the waves are continually being propagated so that each surfer is riding on a newly created wave that is perfectly synchronized with the wave he or she is already riding. In sci-fi terms the ring creates a warped sine-wave imbalance in the ring shaped pool that is reflected and focused towards the islands’ shore to produce multiple endless dynamically changing “living” waves.”

Whoa. Trippy. But real and if you close your eyes and tap you heels, you can definitely imagine Surf the Ring some 36 times bigger, and at a park near you.

The distance from the point the waves break to the shoreline is about 25 feet, and Roberts has said that the water is quite deep. Because of the nature of the wave, Roberts is confident kooks and victims of rail-catching will be swept to a safe part of the ring, and away from other surfers that are ripping the wave up.

Roberts speaks like a man who has got the cred to make Surf the Ring work. He hails from a family of inventors, and while he’s not an engineer, Roberts may as well be. So what are Robert’s plan for Surf the Ring? He is seeking investment in the project – a project that should be on President Obama‘s stimulus package list of must dos. Says Roberts, not skipping a beat: “It will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million to go from scratch to surfable wave.” Roberts is confident that there’s a huge market for his idea. And he might be right, given that his ring is not a flow rider, not typhoon Lagoon, and doesn’t need 3 minutes to reload. Still, in the economic sh!tstorm, it may be difficult to finance a project of this magnitude. But when it comes out – watch out.

Will we someday have our first ASP World Tour Champ born and raised in Kentucky? With Surf the Ring, it’s not so far fetched.

Check out a video showing a 1/36th model, and see for yourself. Despite the video quality and a dollop of cheese factor, the concept is definitely workable. believes, and is stoked!

For more information about Surf The Ring, check out the Surf The Ring website, and contact Kevin directly if you’ve got some coin to spare for a project every surfer will love.