Kelly’s Mid-life Crisis

Like any college student, I was simply procrastinating studying for my art history exam, lame right? I decided to scroll through instagram and I came across Slater's picture announcing his retirement. Like most of you probably are, I was shocked. … [Read more...]

Golden Boy Gabe Gets Fined

It was a rocky start (especially for Freddy P) to the inaugural world surf league season. The frustration showed, and personally, I loved it. For spectators, it was entertaining as hell even in the knee-high conditions. Josh Kerr was bashing his … [Read more...]

The Time I Almost Fell Off A Cliff In Australia

Below is an anecdote about the time I nearly died at Grinders. 8 A.M: The sound of my alarm rings inches from ear. I blindly slap around to find my phone that's hidden deep in between the couch cushions. I roll off of the couch and put on the … [Read more...]

Thanks for the warning – Dumb Surfer Signs


Why are there such dumb surfer signs?  Here is one I saw recently.  Gee, thanks for the warning. It's not a shark, per se, but a...tuna. And fortunately, it's not going to take off your leg, just a chunk of it. But you've been warned, surfer dude. … [Read more...]

Justin Matteson Gets Ass Kicked at Nightclub

Justin tells the story how, when he was in South Africa for a surf trip, he cracks his ankle and gets his lip busted open.  The is very important stuff in the world of surfing, more important than Kelly Slater winning again...     … [Read more...]

Wow. This sucks big time. It’s like getting slammed at the Wedge

Wow. Bodyboarding can be really, really cool, and there's even The Wedge, a surf break made especially for spongers. This guy, however, really gets it. And it's just a really, really shitty situation. Check out the vid. It also reminds me of this … [Read more...]

Toes on the nose with Google Garth, Nintendo Wii balance board

Toes on the nose with Google Garth, Nintendo Wii balance board

Ridiculous surfing consumerism part 7,532.... Ok, so first of all, the Nintendo Wii balance board surfing is about as close to surfing as a computer can get.  But why are these 2 german dudes from the center for artifical intelligence riding over … [Read more...]

Get out of our house, Yahoo! Jordy Smith Rodeo Flip the BEST MOVE EVER!!

Get out of our house, Yahoo! Jordy Smith Rodeo Flip the BEST MOVE EVER!!

Why is it that people who don't surf are narrow-minded? Check out this link to a Yahoo video talking about how a Rodeo flip is the "best surfing move ever." No doubt it's extremely hard, but I don't think it's the best surfing move ever, it's too... … [Read more...]

Pearling (on a boat) Funny Shiz


Wipeout of the Week Ok, we're not going to rag on these folks for riding in a boat. No, we're not going to do that. We're not going to say: "well, I'm sure that's fun, but you shouldn't have been riding a boat in the first place.". No, we're not … [Read more...]

Taj Burrow Getting Tossed in France

It's always fun to see the top guys get their salads tossed, just the same as we mere mortals.  This one comes to us courtesy of Billabong.  Here's top Billabong team rider Taj Burrow puttering around in a small playful Basque country beachy in … [Read more...]

Taj Burrow surfs Firewire and Drinks Foster’s Lager


Taj Burrow, pictured here, surfs a Firewire, and drinks Foster's Lager (of course!). Mr. Spectator just drinks Foster's, according the belly shot in this photo. If Taj keeps it up, we have a good idea what he'll look like in 20 years. Good job on the … [Read more...]

Hawaiian SUPerman

Hawaiian SUPerman

A slightly funny take on Californians invading Hawaii, as well making fun of SUPerman. … [Read more...]

Pipeline Isn’t the Only Rad Thing About Surfing…


...Smokin' hot dumb blonds are one of the best things about surfing. Watching and talking to them rules. This is Tashia McIntosh, and she's trying to win "Miss Transworld Surf". Which is the magazine's never-ending search for hot chicks in … [Read more...]

Please don’t drop in, friends


Its time for the best caption contest, post a comment for the best caption for this photo.  Winner will be chosen by the dailystoke staff, and will get bragging rights for eternity. … [Read more...]

Seen on Craigslist – Surfboard Bag Shoulder Strap for $10!


It never ceases to amaze what people will do to earn surfing gas money. On Craigslist, you can get some sweet deals. It's the tool of choice for selling a used surfboard. Apparently for a Santa Monica surfer, it's also a place to sell a Surfboard Bag … [Read more...]

Umm, no thanks


This is just ridiculous. Do marketing folks think this is actually interesting? It's boring, and even the clothes are ridiculous. Nice surf hats though - that'll keep the sun away. … [Read more...]

Surfer gives up surfing too early


Well that just sucks. Saw this on Craigslist Newport beach the other day. Land lover indeed. It's a sign of the end of summer. Poor ex-surfer gets frustrated at a sport that requires a serious commitment to fail, failure, fail again, can't paddle … [Read more...]

A Kook’s Guide to: Not looking like a kook while walking up to your break


(Sorry Mr. Kook, I know that kookiness is your domain, but I had to do this subject - Feel free to put up any posts using the title "A Kook's Guide to" if you want...) Disclaimer: This is a parody meant to be read by real surfers. But read this as … [Read more...]

Perils of pearling while “surfing”

Perils of pearling while “surfing”

Ahh yes. Goat boats. We're sure it's quite a rush to surf down the face of a wave in a big mofo of a boat. But, as any kook knows, pearling happens from time to time. It can be rescued. You've got to push yourself off of the deck of your board etc. … [Read more...]

Intel Shows Off a Web-Surfing Surfboard


I came across this bizarre display of ridiculous surf consumerism during a random Google search this morning.  The article was originally published by ABC News on Oct 8, 2004 ...the headline screaming: "Intel Shows Off a Web-Surfing Surfboard"...a … [Read more...]