Dailystoke in The Azores: Surf Spot Rundown, Go Get It!

Another Dailystoke writer and I spent a week in the island paradise of The Azores.  What blew us away on our visit to the Portuguese island chain, was how high the "waves to surfers ratio" was.  Not that there are many surfers on the island to begin … [Read more...]

Crowded Breaks: The 6 Laws of Surf Etiquette!

Crowded Break

This photo makes me uneasy - there are 3 dudes trying to ride the same wave, and hoards of others paddling out to make it even more crowded.  I don't where they're all going.  But we've all been here.  Nice waves, but crowded as fark.  You almost run … [Read more...]

Props! Guys Getting Shacked on Longboards

Props! Guys Getting Shacked on Longboards

How hot is this shot? Getting barreled on a longboard isn't easy to do. It's hard to get a 9 foot board to do what you want inside a tiny tube. It's not every day you get to surf a wave as good as this shot above. If you're like me you pretty much … [Read more...]

How to Perform a Drop Knee Cutback! Tips from a Pro

Drop Knee Cutback 5a

The drop knee cutback is a traditional longboard manoeuvre from the early 60's, when surfing was all about "style and grace".  The sheer weight of the longboards of this era combined with the deep single fins glassed right at the back of the board … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Surf Wave (Video)

The Basics of Beach Awareness We came across this video on Beach Awareness, it is good for beginners to understand the anatomy of a wave...that is if you can understand what Phil MacDonald is saying -- is he speaking english? … [Read more...]

How To Do Aerials on a Longboard! Tips from a Pro

Harley Ingleby Backside Air Photo

Straight out of the shortboard stable, "aerial" manoeuvres are nothing new.  The introduction of lightweight materials and advanced technology in the early 90's allowed longboard pro's Joey Hawkins and Jeff Kramer to "bust some air" and put … [Read more...]

Mick Explains How to Pick Up Speed on Your Surfboard

Mick Explains How to Pick Up Speed on Your Surfboard

Courtesy of Mick... … [Read more...]

Buena Onda = Good Vibe Surfing


I just want to say how nice it is when there is a good vibe in the water. In Mexico, we call it "una buena onda." You can call people or different things "buena onda" and even say it as a, "Thank you so much, you're so sweet!" = "Gracias! Buena … [Read more...]

Surfing and Localism

No Kooks

Surfers can be territorial sometimes, especially where I live in Mexico. The locals (not all of them, but a good majority) are constantly yelling at beginner tourists who get in their way. There is this one local who supposedly has been banned from … [Read more...]

How to Surf Big Waves on a Log, Tips from a Pro

Lee Ryan Longboarding 3a

Although longboards are generally associated with small wave surfing, taking your longboard out in surf over 6 feet can be great fun.  The speed and drive you get with 9 feet of rail in the water is exhilarating.  However with all that rail edge to … [Read more...]

How to Perform a Fin First Takeoff! Tips from a Pro

Pic 2a

This is another manoeuvre that has been labelled as simply a "trick" and "not a functional manoeuvre" in the competition arena.  However, Joel Tudor frequently pulled them off in competitions in good sized surf with no leash - just because he could!  … [Read more...]

SurfScience.com: Check out ratings on boards


SurfScience.com is a website devoted to helping you understand more about surfboards.  The site was founded by a couple of OC surfers.  Along with articles on board designs, one of the coolest things on the site is the board rack where you can see … [Read more...]

A Surf Pro on Fins, and Their Importance


Fins are probably the most important part of a surfboard.  How Do Fins Work? As you push your back foot down over the fin(s) in your chosen direction, the surface area of the fins push against the water and forces you in the opposite … [Read more...]

Aamion Goodwin got burned & injured at Pipe by some Kook


Kauai boy Aamion Goodwin copped one of the worst beatings amongst pros after being dropped in on at Pipeline.  As you can see in the various frame grabs, Aamion pulled in super deep into a big grinding left.  He tucked in, set his rail, and began … [Read more...]

Surf Forecasting Resources for Regular Surfers – Ask a Surf Forecaster


Over the coming days, we'll be profiling the work of Adam Wright, from SoCal Surf Forecast. Adam was cool enough to answer a series of questions from our writers, all about surf forecasts. Here goes! DailyStoke.com: It's one thing to follow a … [Read more...]

Surf Forecasting Technology – Ask a Surf Forecaster


DailyStoke.com: How do you feel that forecasting technology will advance in the future? Or are we at the…uhh…peak now? How do you feel that forecasting technology is changing the surf culture? Socalsurf.com: I think we are a long way from the … [Read more...]

I don’t even know how to spell Corilois – Misunderstandings about Surf Forecasting – Ask a Surf Forecaster


DailyStoke.com: What is the most frequently misunderstood element of surf forecasting made by regular surfers who are trying to understand the forecasts? Socalsurf.com: That is sort of a hard one to pin down...there are a lot of confusing … [Read more...]

A Kook’s Guide to: Not looking like a kook while walking up to your break


(Sorry Mr. Kook, I know that kookiness is your domain, but I had to do this subject - Feel free to put up any posts using the title "A Kook's Guide to" if you want...) Disclaimer: This is a parody meant to be read by real surfers. But read this as … [Read more...]

How to video: short board pop-ups

How to video: short board pop-ups

Above is a video, starring yours truly, showing you how short board pop-ups are done.  Yes I was very bored. I've seen the Youtube videos, and how misleading they are... I'm that sure most of you have seen the video where the guy brings one foot … [Read more...]

Surf Science – surfing book review


If you want to increase your surfing knowledge, it's a natural progression to move away from surf forecasts made in some bunker in Southern California by someone else in favor of your own ability to predict when waves are on the way. There may be no … [Read more...]