Surfrider Needs Your Help: We Have a Global Water Crisis!

Dirty water at the beach is a bummer, and stormwater runoff causes a majority of the closures and swimming advisories issued at our beaches.  Congress is now considering a bill that will promote green solutions to stormwater runoff. Join … [Read more...]

How to Recycle a Surfboard & Save the Enviroment

This is a great video, reminding us of an ugly truth: that surfboards aren't environmentally friendly at all.  So recycle your boards!  or leave behind 4 tons of toxic waste over your lifetime, according to Burt. How to Recycle a Surfboard … [Read more...]

To Pee or Not to Pee: That is the Question


To pee or not to pee: that is the question; Whether 'tis warmer in the lineup to suffer The stink and yellow of our own urine, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? To shiver: to freeze; No more; and by with a … [Read more...]

Buy Some Stuff, Support the Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup


Our friends over at Envirosurfer are doing something super cool...they are donating 5% of all sales this month to the Nature Conservancy's Fund for Gulf Coast Restoration to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf.  Now you know, so go to their site … [Read more...]

Cigarette Butts and the Ocean


It's a little known fact that the biggest pollutant to hit the oceans isn't those plastic bags from your local supermarket, or oil from the Exxon Valdez or brown trout from your local sewer, it's CIGARETTE BUTTS. If you're a surfer who smokes, well, … [Read more...]

Twilight’s Edward Cullen fights new LNG facilities and dirty beaches


Yes, that's right!  Twilight's own Edward Cullen has shown up to fight proposed Liquid Natural Gas facilities in Long Island, New York.  Further, he's taking his celeb creds on the beach to pick up litter and point out just how big the problem really … [Read more...]

Surfing an eco-friendly wave of green.


The foam board revolution has been hailed one of the grandest changes in the surfboard's history since the invention of the fin. But after many decades of buying and using these surfboards, many of our eco-conscious brethren have realized that they … [Read more...]

Standup Paddle Magazine launches: surfers everywhere puke a little


Yep. It's true. As announced over at, the surfing world has put out another magazine for us self respecting surfers not to buy. Standup Paddle Magazine launched it's virgin issue this month, ushering in a whole new error of … [Read more...]

Southern California: Paradise Lost


Perhaps this isn't a myth, especially if you surf in Southern California, but Southern California isn't what its all cracked up to be. Although the water is generally pleasant and warm, and the weather is always around 72 degrees, the Southern … [Read more...]

I like my surfing lifestyle to be smoke free…


... so I guess I just might buy stuff from this guy from now on. When buying from this guy, I am assured that the gear he  is selling is smoke-free! What more could an underage goody-goody-two-shoes ask for? And yes, I really care what kind of … [Read more...]

British Columbia to San Diego Road Trip Pt. 4: Point Conception


On the cusp between Central and Southern California, this spot is a little off the beaten path, and most frequently visited by seniors with 50 foot motorhomes, but this serene little slice of California coastline is protected by the state and sticks … [Read more...]

Met up with Yvon Chouinard at Patagonia


I met up with Yvon Chouinard and his crew from Patagonia yesterday morning. They rock. Chouinard was really talking it up about One Percent for the Planet, which is a group of companies that are donating 1% of their sales (sales, not profits - that's … [Read more...]

Surfrider condoms come cheap!

Surfrider condoms come cheap!

$1.36 for an eight-pack ain't bad! Then again they're hand-me-downs, but maybe you're the one that used them? F#ckin' litter bug, pick up your trash! The Surfrider Foundation put together an ad campaign called "Catch of the Day" packaging various … [Read more...]

Stop Titan Cement – Polluting the ocean for surfers in North Carolina


A lot of people surf - and don't skate - because they don't like the feeling of wiping out on concrete. Surfers in North Carolina want to keep it that way - and are fighting a cement plant proposed for near the Cape Fear River in Castle Hayne, North … [Read more...]

Being green is about being human


The world is greener than ever before and surfers should be on the front lines. I am not talking politics here. This isn't about red and blue. I am talking about the other additive primary color: green. Green does not define you as a hippie or a … [Read more...]

Surfers Love the Ocean


Surfers love the ocean -- this seems like a fairly reasonable statement to me. No surfer would contest the beautiful simplicity of storms and wind driving ocean waters thousands of miles toward shores where they are pushed to the breaking point by … [Read more...]

Guess Who?


If anyone has been wondering what CJ Hobgood has been doing since winning the Sunset Beach contest in Hawaii, here's your answer: tow-in air surfing with Phillip Waters back in Florida. I've never actually done this myself, but it looks super fun. … [Read more...]

Seal Beach Art Project – well, not quite.


Well, it's not quite art. But after a recent storm, here's what Seal Beach, California looked liked, complete with shopping carts, a couch, dead fish and other horrid crap that was deposited on the shore after a recent storm there. The story, as … [Read more...]

TRESTLES SAVED – Department of Commerce rejects appeal by Transportation Corridor Agencies


BREAKING NEWS: The Trestles Surf break has been saved, at least for now. Today, the Department of Commerce rejected an appeal by the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) to the Secretary of Commerce. The TCA, a private organization, had appealed … [Read more...]

Matix Clothing calls out Spencer Pratt


MTV douche bag, Spencer Pratt, from "The Hills" was recently photographed wearing a pair of Matix surf trunks, and they're not happy about that at all! As you probably already know, Spencer Pratt is a soulless fame whore, and any hardcore surfing … [Read more...]