Disrupting The Industry- 3D Printed Surfboards

Shapers are modern day artists, they take a raw blank and sculpt it into the beautiful piece of art we call a surfboard. Think of Al Merrick as Michelangelo and Matt Biolos as Lorenzo Ghiberti, famous sculptors for those of you who haven't picked up … [Read more...]

Firewire continuing a good thing – Linear Flex Technology (LFT)!!!

Following on the heels of the introduction of the new LFT construction in 2013, Firewire has expanded the LFT models to include all the Firewire/TOMO colabs, as well as top selling models such as the Unibrow, Dominator and Spitfire. (See our past … [Read more...]

The (D)evolution of the West Coast Quiver

It is with great pride that I can stand at the door of my board room and know that I can choose the right equipment for the forecast.  San Diego's diverse surf conditions and breaks necessitate an equally diverse quiver and mine has been carefully … [Read more...]

Global Surf Industries Goes Coconuts!

Ya see that board over there that looks like it's made of brown marble? Yeah?     Coconut.   Coconut? No shit!     Yep. Coconut.   Why didn't I think of that?     … [Read more...]

SURFBOARD GIVEAWAY!!! GSI Seaglass Project 6’2″ Tuna, Designed by Tom Wegener!!

SURFBOARD GIVEAWAY!!! GSI Seaglass Project 6’2″ Tuna, Designed by Tom Wegener!!

Dailystoke is giving away a Seaglass Project 6'2" Tuna Surfboard, designed by Tom Wegener.  This board would cost you more than $500 retail, but one lucky dailystoke community member will get it for free!!! This is the same board that just won the … [Read more...]

Epoxy Versus Fiberglass Tufflite Sucks etc. etc.

Epoxy Versus Fiberglass Tufflite Sucks etc. etc.

Yes, we all know that Tufflite sucks etc. etc. because all of our friends say so. But if you're not sure on whether to stick to a traditional glass board or the ceramic-feeling Tufflite, then you should definitely check out this video. Once you get … [Read more...]

How to Fix Surfboard Dings by LORD OF THE DINGS

How to Fix Surfboard Dings by LORD OF THE DINGS

One of the best videos on how to repair a surfboard, and fix surfboard dings...by the Lord of The Dings... … [Read more...]

Day 3: Building a Wooden Surfboard with Tree to Sea


By Day 3 everyone was a bit worn out but our excitement kept us going.  The boards were freed up from their rocker tables and the final shaping could begin!  I was surprised how light my little fish was and I have to say that the Palowina wood is … [Read more...]

Day 2: Building a Wooden Surfboard with Tree to Sea


Day 2 was another early start but the momentum from the day before just kept building.  The flow was similar to the first day and everyone eventually found their own groove and more or less kept pace with each other.  Since I was building the … [Read more...]

Day 1: Building a Wooden Surfboard with Tree to Sea


Day 1 started early and began with getting everyone acquainted, signing release forms, and a rough overview of what we needed to accomplish on each of the days to complete the build in 3 days.  Each day's lessons were conveniently laid out on a near … [Read more...]

Building a Wooden Surfboard with Tree to Sea & Rich Blundell (the co-founder of Grain)


An opportunity to build a wooden surfboard, with Rich Blundell, one of the co-founders of Grain Surfboards in York, ME...count me in! So I hooked up with Mark Cruickshank, Mark was part of the Tree to Sea board builders forum started by Rich … [Read more...]

How to Recycle a Surfboard & Save the Enviroment

This is a great video, reminding us of an ugly truth: that surfboards aren't environmentally friendly at all.  So recycle your boards!  or leave behind 4 tons of toxic waste over your lifetime, according to Burt. How to Recycle a Surfboard … [Read more...]

How to Repair A Surfboard (Video)

A well done video with captions.  Very professional, Manny......and make sure you get some bread fruit from your local tree (if you are lucky enough to eat from the land...and live in Hawaii...like this dude) … [Read more...]

Illegal Surfboard Porn from Moonlight Glassing

Illegal Surfboard Porn from Moonlight Glassing

It's delicious. Nice show of how things get done at Moonlight Glassing. Drooling. … [Read more...]

Isle Surfboards: An interview with DailyStoke.com


If you go to Google, and type in the word surfboard, you'd be surprised at what you'll find. The usual suspects won't show up. Channel Islands? Lost? Rusty? No, the winner is Isle Surfboards, a company you may never have heard of, but your local … [Read more...]

Intel Shows Off a Web-Surfing Surfboard


I came across this bizarre display of ridiculous surf consumerism during a random Google search this morning.  The article was originally published by ABC News on Oct 8, 2004 ...the headline screaming: "Intel Shows Off a Web-Surfing Surfboard"...a … [Read more...]

Time Lapse surfboard shaping is really, really cool

Watching a surfboard get shaped is pretty fun - it just goes to show you what goes into to making a custom made surfboard. There's! a! lot! of! flipping!! This time lapse shaping vid is brought to you by Rick Malwitz surfboards. … [Read more...]

How to make a longboard – out wood, starring Greg Noll, Doc Ball, LeRoy Grannis and Lorrin Harrison

How to make a longboard – out wood, starring Greg Noll, Doc Ball, LeRoy Grannis and Lorrin Harrison

Wow. This vid is pretty awesome for those into surfing nostalgia. (And we all are, ain't we!). Here you'll see a bunch of old guys (old guys rule blah blah blah) carving, literally, a log out of...a log. They even start the project with a massive … [Read more...]

1962-63 Hobie Longboard Possibly Shaped by Mike Hynson


There's all sorts of cool shiz on Craigslist this time of year, but this one takes the cake - a very cool story follows. This guy in San Diego is selling a 1962 Hobie Alter Longboard, pictures shown here. The size is roughly 9"8". Says our … [Read more...]

Time-lapse surfboard shaping

Time-lapse surfboard shaping

Very cool video where you see blank to shortboard ready for glassing. Nicely done. Two minutes of my day got me stoked - it'll get you stoked, too. … [Read more...]