5 Reasons Every Surfer Should Visit Australia

Recently I had the privilege to do a semester abroad in Australia. During my 6-month stay in the land down under, I can confidently say I spent more time surfing than in the classroom. Don't get me wrong grades are important, but when the opportunity … [Read more...]

“There IS surf in Texas, well kind of…”

It doesn't come every day. Nor every week. But now and then, when low pressure systems form in the Gulf of Mexico, stoke builds in the surf shops and bars of tropical wax fly off the shelves. Yes - in Texas, we have waves.  Good waves...Kind … [Read more...]

Azores Surf Trip: Days 3 & 4 Cheezin’

Days 3 & 4 With a report worse than the first Waist high day, we decided to scour the west side of the island. What an awesome few days indeed! Same plan: drive until lost, find somewhere amazing to see, repeat until you get your bearings … [Read more...]

AZORES SURF TRIP DAYS 1&2: The Plan is to Have No Plan!

Dailystoke community members Kyle and Guillaume won a free trip to the Azores courtesy of Dailystoke!  Here is how Days 1 and 2 went.  Share the stoke…and note these guys got bumped to first class.  Not bad, fellas.  Dailystoke is the #1 site on the … [Read more...]

Stunning Surf Photography Book: Distant Shores

Chris Burkard has released a new collection of remote surf photography, and it's absolutely stunning. Distant Shores is a powerful book that draws you in, captures you, and whisks you away to experience every awe-inspiring moment. With each page … [Read more...]

Dailystoke goes to Mainland Mexico: Toobs ensue

When my old buddy Chris suggested I jump on a last minute $300 flight to Colima, on the central West Coast of Mainland Mexico, I really couldn't give him any answer but, "How big of boards should I bring?" "Well, give the fact that we're going to … [Read more...]

Dailystoke in The Azores: Surf Spot Rundown, Go Get It!

Another Dailystoke writer and I spent a week in the island paradise of The Azores.  What blew us away on our visit to the Portuguese island chain, was how high the "waves to surfers ratio" was.  Not that there are many surfers on the island to begin … [Read more...]

Dailystoke in the Azores: Go, You Won’t Regret It

Now, I had heard of this little volcanic island chain in the middle of The Atlantic Ocean, but amongst all of the worldly traveled surfers I know, I've never even heard of anyone going there.  Imagine a 500 year old charming Portuguese city and … [Read more...]

Surf Chicama Peru One of The Longest Breaks

Surf Chicama Peru One of The Longest Breaks

Imagine a wave so long that you have to get out of the water and walk back to the break after you've ridden it for almost a mile! Welcome to Peru- home of one of the longest surf breaks in the world: Chicama. Not only that, all you goofy-footers … [Read more...]


The ultimate surf holiday present...win a free vacation in Costa Rica at Witch's Rock Surf Camp.  Enter to win at dailystoke.com today! … [Read more...]

Dream Contest – Cloud Nine (Philippines)


"Hollow, Powerful and Superfast - as it sucks back off the coral grab your courage with both hands and give it your best. If you don't hesitate you'll get the wave of your life. This wave breaks boards and bones - you have been warned"* … [Read more...]

Fun malibu is totally crowded all the frigging time

Fun malibu is totally crowded all the frigging time

Fun malibu is totally crowded all the frigging time.  I filmed a few waves after surfing, err, trying to surf.  See for yourself... … [Read more...]

Canadian Surf, Eh? Wetsuit Technology Aids Development, Check this Vid

Canadian Surf, Eh? Wetsuit Technology Aids Development, Check this Vid

Wetsuit technology has made surfing possible in places we previously would never have considered surfable. It still sounds strange to me to use Canada and surfing in the same sentence, but make no mistake about it - there are Canadian surfers … [Read more...]

Kiribati – Going off the surf map


Looking for tropical South Pacific perfection without the crowds? Look no further than the island nation of Kiribati. Pronounced Kiribas, the name is an indigenous pronunciation of Gilberts (say it quickly and you'll hear the connection), from the … [Read more...]

Going off the surf map – Sylt, Germany

Going off the surf map – Sylt, Germany

Taking you off the surfing map to the northermost reaches of Germany, the island of Sylt.  Known as a getaway for German's of means, Sylt is more well known for its world class windsurfing than it is for wave surfing. … [Read more...]

Aruba Surf Spot: Arashi Beach


You won't find huge waves in Aruba, but if you end up there as I did and are looking for surf:  head north on Route 1 and check out Arashi beach.  There is also a semi-secret surf spot right after Arashi (Arashi Bay?) where all the locals hang … [Read more...]

Iceland recap – the photologue

Walking out for an early with my Icelandic host, Georg.  Georg, ready to get wet.  Over 100 yards of seaweed covered lava rocks, just to get to the break  A very welcoming set.  A view down the beach rocks.     An … [Read more...]

Surfing Barbados – paradise found

The world headquarters for Malibu Rum sits on the west coast of Barbados, 100 feet from the Caribbean sea. The water there is flat as lake, as if the surfing gods punished the spot for knocking off the name of a secret spot in California. And while … [Read more...]

Joyful Joisey Barrels

A November session in New Jersey, with some tight little rights. Nicely done by New Jersey kings Sam "The Hammer" Hammer and Clay Pollioni. Musak by the Ting Tings. … [Read more...]

A surfer getting spit out of a barrel won’t get you pregnant

A surfer getting spit out of a barrel won’t get you pregnant

Metaphor time! If getting barreled is the closest thing to an orgasm, than this is the closest a man will ever get to a woman's. It's common knowledge that a female orgasm last much longer compared to a Male's, and to put this in layman's terms, a … [Read more...]