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Post a Comment, Win a Free iSurf App for the iPAD!!


Our friends over at iSurf Magazine have this sweet new surf app for the iPad, and have given us 5 free promo copies for us to giveaway…to the first 5 readers that post the most convincing reason in the comments section to this article.  Post away & win!  These are free lifetime subscriptions.  Check out their site here

Note: To redeem the promo codes, you must (a) use the “redeem” link located in iTunes among the links at the bottom of the page, click the link, enter the code (which will be sent to you) and iTunes will do the rest, or (b) if you want to enter the code on your iPad, you must go to the app store, then at the bottom of the screen click the “redeem” button, enter the code and the rest is automatic.

Check out this video of the app…

Quiksilver board shorts go back to the future!


Have you ever seen Back to the Future when they take the old guy’s car into the past, screw up the future, go back to the past, then to the future, screw up the future again… well, this is sorta like that. Minus the trilogy or screwing up the future (Yikes!). I think that Quiksliver traveled to the future, to see what their advertising would be like, and came back with the idea to put board short fabric in the magazine ad (By the way, it’s in the Surfer Magazine, April issue, because I know you want yourself some free fabric). Yes, it was physically in the magazine, and I think it’s awesome. Of course, now Quiksilver’s future has been altered, but lets not get into the physics of time travel. First off, the fabric itself is awesome, claiming to prevent chaffing (yay!). But what I find even more miraculous is that it’s in the ad! That blows my mind! It’s like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when they send a chocolate bar through television! Hmmmm… good times, good times… I wonder if Quiksliver will ever make board shorts that vibrate whenever a set is about to come… actually, scratch that.

Bottom line is, these board shorts are going to be like $60 and I won’t be buying them, regardless of brain-numbing advertisement.

Surf Donation for Troops in Iraq Ends up in Landfill


The San Diego City Beat ( has just caught wind that the humanitarian efforts of one San Diego local have been for naught.  Jeff Seymour, a Carlsbad resident has been running the “Magazines and Movies for the Troops” program from his house for almost three years, getting donations of thousands of magazines, dvds, dvd players, and softgoods from almost 40 contributors, including Transworld Media.  Since the founding of his donation drive, Seymour had established relationships with officials at the Marine Corp Air Station in Miramar who encouraged his efforts.  It was only recently that he discovered that his donations were just being dumped at a local landfill, never to reach the eager hands of our troops overseas.

Honestly…this story made me sick.  What an amazing thing for this man to do and what an ugly outcome.  Karma’s gonna get those sons-o’-bitches.

Keep Leucadia Funky

On Advertising Surfer, or The Most Boring Article Ever


As tends to be the case with most great revelations, the idea for this article came to me while sitting on the toilet. I was flipping through Surfer and was struck by how many pages I had to flip through before I got to any meaningful content or articles. Everything else was advertisements. How many ads do I have to not look at to read Surfer? How many ads does Surfer need to run in order to print a magazine?

I needed an answer, and I knew my curiosity would not be satiated by suppositions and hearsay. And in lieu of calling Surfer to get an answer, I turned to the only tool I had for obtaining the truth: Science.

I rummaged around the house for nine Surfer magazines from 2007 and 2008. With vague notions of 12th grade science class and the scientific method, I formed a hypothesis: I assumed I would find that the magazines would be 60% ads and 40% editorial content (editorial content being defined as articles, movie and gear reviews, pictures chosen by Surfer; (basically anything that is not there because it was paid for by a surf company or Jeep.)

To test this hypothesis, I needed to find the ratio of pages with ads to pages with editorial content. Most ads take up an entire page and I counted these pages as 1, but some ads are only a column on half the page. These pages I counted as .5 regardless of whether they took up 25% or 75% of the page.

After spending way too much time flipping through 200 page Surfer magazines, and realizing that this is probably going to be the most boring article on since its inception, I sat down and looked at my results.

I was wrong!

Out of nine magazines, 998 pages were ads and 921 pages were editorial content. After a little math (pages with ads/total pages=percent of pages with ads), I found that 52% of Surfer’s pages are ads, thus making 48% of the pages editorial content. Within my sample, the July 2007 issue topped out at 55% ads. The low end being 48% in the January 2008 issue.


1. If you want to publish a magazine, you need to fill a little over half of it with ads.
2. A large sample would give us more accurate results, but would be an ungodly waste of time.
3. Most importantly, I should spend more time with an attractive young lady who bakes me cookies than do silly science for my articles.
4. I am kind of curious to see how the other surf magazines compare.

Longboard Magazine goes under


Longboard Magazine is no longer – it has gone the way of the dodo, perhaps to reappear in some other form. The phones are disconnected – phones for subscriptions and phones for selling ads, as well. This is not good news.

I’ve always partial to Logger Mag, and in particular the fact that they’ve been part of a longboarding revival ushered in by Joel Tudor. No matter your take on log rolling, it’s a shame to see a mag like Longboard Magazine stop the presses.

Longboard Magazine recognized early-ish the eventualy decline of print media, and attempted to create a downloadable PDF version of the glossy magazine. Unfortunately, that model didn’t work out. Furthermore, it’s definitely not a friendly economic climate for advertising sales for something niche-y like longboarding, itself inside a pretty niche-y industry that is surfing. That’s why the plug was pulled on Water Magazine a few months back, another glossy that was well received in the surfing community.

Guy Motil, the former editor and publisher was not available for comment at the time of writing.  December 2008 was the last issue.

Update: Here’s the official release from publisher Guy Motil:

The recent economic and banking crisis here in the United States has had a dramatic impact on the domestic longboard community. Within days of Lehman’s banking collapse and the accompanying Wall Street plunge our offices were inundated with cancellations of advertising contracts and surf shop orders. In addition to these cancellations, many of our clients informed us that they would be unable to pay existing invoices any time in the near future (many of these businesses were already in the 180-day-plus category). In addition, the local banks in our area cancelled upcoming small business loans and froze existing lines of credit, this having a direct affect on Longboard Magazine and many of our local clients. Ultimately it appears that this situation affected the surf industry nation-wide. These are friends of ours with whom we have done business for many years, and include some of the most well-known brands in surfing. We feel that asking these companies to commit to further advertising and financial obligations at this point would not only be unfair but irresponsible.
As a result, Longboard Magazine will be suspending our print publishing until after the January 2009 trade shows. It should be noted that we are not shutting down Longboard Magazine, only holding off printing our next issue until the longboard community can recover from the current financial crisis it is now experiencing.
As a result of this decision, we have been forced to lay off most of our staff including advertising director Mike Aguirre and managing editor Chasen Marshall. We will continue working with freelance staff and independent contractors for the foreseeable future.
On a positive note, we will continue to expand our website and we would like to exchange links and information with anyone in the longboard community. In addition to our website, we are also completing several hard-cover book projects. Our recent book, Surfboards, was a critical and commercial success. We believe that book publishing is an important component in preserving surfing’s history and addressing concerns for the coastal environment.

Aaron Cormican graces the cover of Eastern Surf Magazine


Aaron Cormican is on the cover of Eastern Surf Magazine. Aaron is known for boosting airs, and it comes as no surprise to anyone who recognizes his name to see this grab. There’s no need to even finish out the sequence, because of course he pulled it. Cormican does these things that make the rest of us look like we use plastic shopping bags over our feet to get through the leg of a wetsuit. No I’m kidding, but remember that trick? I know I’m not the only one. There was a time when getting in a full suit took a little planning. The first full suit I ever owned was a neon day glow mess that took a solid 20 minutes to get into. If you showed up at the pier too late, by the time you got your wetsuit on it was already blown out.

You can check out this years Eastern Surf Magazine’s “7th Annual EseMMY Awards” by clicking here. CJ Hobgood take best honors for “Away East Coast Performance” for undoubtedly winning in Hawaii at Sunset, and Benny Boy walks away with “Breakup of the Year”.

This is Cover Girl Aaron Cormican ripping in “The Decline”. It’s either the song or Aaron destroying Lowers, but it’s always been a favorite. “If you’ve got cotton mouth, my mind is like an ocean!”

(Note the cutback at about the 2:39 mark)

Reef has a magazine?


So yeah, I’m not sure how I’ve managed to totally miss this, but apparently Reef has a magazine. And, just as shocking, apparently Marcella here has a face too? No I’m kidding, but if I took this picture away and then asked you 5 minutes from now what color hair she had, chances are you wouldn’t remember. “It is in these hills that Juan Valdez and his trusty goat go to collect coffee beans in the morning” – Beavis & Butthead. So the magazine: it’s actually really cool and their website has a great little set up where you can flip through the current issues. (Check the hook in Issue 8, page 11). The wall of that wave is like pure vert, and homeboy’s laying it down. Think he pulled it?

Helpful hint: You won’t see many women in the later issues, but number 2 is filled with famous doodoo slicers.

You’re Welcome…

New surfing magazine!


There’s a new magazine out, and you can check out “theBombsurf” website by clicking here. It’s no Transworld or Surfer Magazine by any means, but it’s still new and in the process of putting things together. The best part is they will send you a free copy – all you pay is the post! They’ve also got a link to a pretty interesting Shane Dorian interview about the Waimea Bay take off spot under “Community News”. Bombshell of the week is another website plus. So go check it out! Yesterday they had no ad spaces bought up, and today it’s packed. That’s a good sign of things to come…

RIP Surf Guide Magazine: Satirical Fables and Surfing Babies


This baby first caught my eye because he is totally rad. This is a sweet magazine cover. Sure, somebody getting shacked somewhere I’ll probably never go is awesome, too. But a baby in diapers with a surfboard–that makes me laugh and gets me pumped. Not to mention the retro love you feel from those golden locks and paunch. Don’t deny it; you feel it too.

After pulling my eyes away from the picture, I began reading about the life and death of Surf Guide Magazine. A surf magazine published first in 1963, it slowly built a loyal following that started to compete with the big boys.

But in true surfer fashion, they decided to have some fun at another person’s expense. That person in this case was John Severson, publisher of the first surf magazine, Surfer.

After some small back and forth between the two magazines, Surf Guide Magazine published a satirical fable titled The Saga of Robin Hoad in which John Severson is referred to as “Prince John the Stingy”. It ends with a little dig at John and his rumored stinginess: “Prince John the Stingy was last seen leaping from Dinah Point with his surfboard, clutching his box of gold. And rumor has it that he met his just reward: he was swallowed up by The Angry Sea.” This seems lighthearted enough. Just some good ‘ole satirical fun, right?

But, another line about the head lifeguard in Huntington Beach not being able to swim a stroke added the Huntington Beach City Council to the million dollar lawsuit slapped against Surf Guide Magazine.

Eventually the lawsuit was settled out of court, but Surf Guide Magazine discontinued publishing shortly after. A severe loss to the surfing industry for the mere fact that they had a sweet baby in diapers geared up to go surfing on their cover.

Transworld Surf calls out Surfline etc. etc. – a Must Read


LMFAO – Justin Cote at Transworld Surf calls out Surfline, WaveWatch, Wetsand,, and every other surf forecasting site, here. And the dude is spot on.

Says Cote:
Offshore Buoys – They have no vested interest in creating hype and selling ads, they don’t track page views, time spent on site or any of that other bullshit. Nope, buoys stationed out in the middle of the sea are pretty cut and dry with minimal room for human error.
Anyway – check out the post, because it’s everything you need to know about surf forecasting but were afraid to ask.

Bruce Irons on the Cover of Free Surf


Bruce Irons is getting completely kegged on the cover of Hawaii’s Free Surf magazine. He’s deep, too! You can tell from the equal amount white wash that whole section of lip came down at the same time, and he’s not dragging hands to try to slow down, neither. He’s all cool and sh!t, and this is nothing new for Bruce. Someone should have Photoshopped a little ham and cheese sandwich in one hand and a milkshake in the other. A beer, a bong – whatever. He’s all chill in big barrels when most of us would have bended knees, and both hands forward, is what I’m getting at. When most people get in big tubes like this, they wanna make it out alive as soon as possible, but Bruce just wants to kick it. He’s probably singing Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” in there, just like your girlfriend does in the shower.