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Airwalk Skimboard Giveaway!

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August 14, 2011

Airwalk Skimboard Giveaway!

The deck is made with 7-ply maple and features a marine-grade resin. The board also has a rocker and Ollie Man traction for a better grip. No wax is needed. Measures 37 inches long. Features: 7-ply maple deck Marine-grade resin Rocker Ollie Man traction About Airwalk The Airwalk brand has led the evolution of board sport culture and fashion since 1986. Today, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing are more popular than ever, and the action sports lifestyle is firmly established in mainstream culture. Only one brand has consistently shown the ability to reach the youth consumer who is searching for authentic ties to board sports. Only one brand also continuously appeals to a broader consumer segment that is drawn to the lifestyle aspect of board sports culture. That brand is Airwalk: igniting the evolution of boardsport culture, creative expression, and independent style.

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    • Kyle Bell
    • Azores Surf Trip Giveaway for 2 !!! Azores Surf Trip Giveaway for 2 !!!
    • NO WAY!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! STOKED doesn’t correctly define how I feel right now! More like IM FREAKIN OUT! Can someone pinch me to make sure I’m not dreaming?


    • bigkahunaboy
    • Aloha Bean 6’6″ Surfboard Giveaway!! Aloha Bean 6’6″ Surfboard Giveaway!!
    • Wooooooaaaaaaaahhhhh! No freakin way! stoked out of my freakin mind right now! Daily stoke you rock! Yeah!!!!!!!! this is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

    • Lik Khian Yeo
    • Original Longboard Giveaway! Original Longboard Giveaway!
    • OMG this is insane! I am stoked out of my mind right now. A fine day of surfing and then coming home to this!! I conat believe it. Daily Stoke RoCKS!!!

    • martin
    • Wave Riding Vehicles WRV Prize Pack Giveaway Wave Riding Vehicles WRV Prize Pack Giveaway
    • Wow! Guys that’s awesome stuff! I’m really grateful to the Daily Stokers crew thanks. Hope you guys all have as great weekends as me, you won’t believe me but it’s actually my birthday as well so it’s really been a special start to my day! Whooo-hooooo!

    • Connor
    • Tricky Wrench 6-in-1 Skateboard Tool Giveaway! Tricky Wrench 6-in-1 Skateboard Tool Giveaway!
    • Just got it today this little thing is amazing- set up a fresh deck during a session this afternoon it had everything i needed and more. Slipped it right into my pocket when i was done. Definitely check it out! Thank you so much Stoked!!!

    • KC
    • Break East Boardshort Giveaway! Break East Boardshort Giveaway!
    • Dude, you guys F’ing rock!! I’m stoked about winning the boardies and can’t wait to post again about how sweet these things are. Thanks Daily Stoke!!!  Congrats Daily Stoke as being the first place I’ve ever won anything…and not just anything, but a badass pair of board shorts. You all definitely made my year!!! Thanks!!

      So I finally got to test these boardshorts out over the holiday break after winning them from Daily Stoke (thanks again by the way), and let me tell you these boardshorts are incredible. The stretch material allows for lots of flexibility and freedom of movement for all surfer types. So whether you’re getting totally “pitted” or worked by the wave, at least you’ll be comfortable in your shorts. There were times I had to look down to make sure I still had them on because oh how light and flexible they are. Well done Break East…great product…and I highly recommend these to anyone.

    • Will
    • BREAK-EAST Rashguard Giveaway! BREAK-EAST Rashguard Giveaway!
    • Can’t wait to get the rash guard! I just found the site this summer and now I visit everyday! Thanks and keep ripping!

    • James
    • SHOOTING THE CURL Surf Giveaway! SHOOTING THE CURL Surf Giveaway!
    • Thank you DailyStok!!! This is the first time I’ve won a giveaway!!! Super stoked to add this to my collection and can’t wait to peruse through the pages of this book! Thanks again and keep spreading the stoke!!! =)

    • lhastie
    • SHOOTING THE CURL Surf Giveaway! SHOOTING THE CURL Surf Giveaway!
    • haha didnt even know i wont until it turned up at my front door today! Cheers guys, super stoked, theres some amazing photography in that thing!

    • chalz
    • Surfboard Giveaway: Seaglass 6’2″ Tuna!! Surfboard Giveaway: Seaglass 6’2″ Tuna!!
    • I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!
      I will definitely post photos and videos everywhere.
      I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get out there and surf it!