Day 1: Building a Wooden Surfboard with Tree to Sea


Day 1 started early and began with getting everyone acquainted, signing release forms, and a rough overview of what we needed to accomplish on each of the days to complete the build in 3 days.  Each day's lessons were conveniently laid out on a near by concrete wall; I referred to it as the Fred Flintstone chalk board.  Rich would explain the upcoming task and follow it up with a hands on tutorial on a demo board he was constructing to the side.  He and Mark would then circulate and consult with each student individually, making sure everyone was on par.

We were also lucky enough to have access to a few different wood species but I was most impressed with the Paulownia Mark had ordered from a plantation in South Carolina.

All of the stock had been milled to perfection beforehand and all we had to do was pick colors and patterns. (Note: It is definitely worth highlighting the extra effort and personal sacrifice Mark put in to mill up all of the wood himself. He even cut his hand on the tablesaw and received a few stitches before the class started but it didn't slow him down all weekend! Thanks again Mark, you're a trooper brother!!!).

By the end of day 1 we had our top and bottom panels glued up and our internal rib structure cut out, assembled, and glued to the bottom panel.  This was a long first day full of splinters but we made a lot of headway and the stoke was in full force.

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