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Boga is a SUP manufacturer and one of those companies every board buyer is looking for.  Organized and honest, backed by quality products at affordable prices, and actually run by surfers and those that ride Stand Ups daily!

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  • Unbelievable craftsmanship, durability, and performance at competitive price!

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  • Sorry, I've got nothing bad to say about this board, it's just awesome!

No B.S. Review


There is no denying that there is an epidemic going on in the world.  It's called Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and it has exploded in popularity across a wide and eclectic demographic of users.  SUP'ing Jaws, SUP Yoga, White Water SUP'ing, fishing SUP's; it is becoming obvious that this is not a just a fad and it seems everyone is jumping in on the band wagon!  Historically, when new sports/trends like SUP have caught on with such wide spread popularity, an infusion of demand allows opportunities for many new companies to be founded and enter the booming market.  In my quest to find the best of these up and coming brands, I was stoked and very pleased to have connected with our friends at Boga Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Boga is one of those companies every board buyer is looking for.  Organized and honest, backed by quality products at affordable prices, and actually run by surfers and those that ride Stand Ups daily!  The Boga team have definitely done their homework and have taken their time to “do it right” to ensure that they will be around for many years to come!   Dave Meyler is the master mind behind the brand.  After the successful sale of another online self-started business and motivated by his passion of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Dave and his team combined their previous experience and took great care in custom designing the Boga brand from the ground up.  They studied the most popular boards currently on the market and aimed their sights on developing a quiver that would incorporate all the best traits from those designs into a line that would suit any conditions or riding styles.  What they have produced is just that and we are honored to spotlight them with our first Stand Up Paddle review.

For the purpose of this review they sent us one of their 9.5 Bullets and all we can say is…Wow!  I've been riding stand ups in the 10 and 11 ft. range for a few years now so stepping down to a hull under 10 feet had me a bit weary.  However, once I stood on the deck of the Bullet I was actually mad at myself for not doing it sooner!  The Bullet comes in at only 22lbs and hosts the following dimensions: 9.5 x 29 3/4 x 4 1/4.  A stepped swallow tail out the back shortens the rail line slightly but it gives additional performance characteristics not seen on my SUPs and it esthetically, it just looks really cool!  However, Boga's construction is what really sets them apart from the comp.  A vacuum bagged wood sandwich construction is set on top of a precision CNC milled EPS blank.  PVC stringers, PVC re-enforced fin boxes, and a maintenance free GORE air vent come standard.  The layer of bamboo is not visible as it is located under the paint job but it translates into a ridiculously light and super durable product.  They have also outfitted the bullet with a quad fin set up and an additional center box slot.  This gives you even more versatility and customization for any conditions you ride in.  Boga provides signature FCS performance glass fins with the purchase of a board which offer a nice smooth ride and the consistency and reliability we all love about the FCS brand.  The finished product is quite handsome and comes in a custom dark grey.  A red nose accent color and full EVA pad complete the deck and make for some serious eye candy.  I also love the clean look and tasteful placement of the Boga logos, both on the board and pad.  Simply put, these are no pop-out boards; someone that loves to SUP and surf as much as you do makes these and you can tell that great care was taken in the construction and finish of this board.

We tested the Bullet over a few weeks and in a bunch of conditions; from lakes and rivers to a bunch of chest and head high days at our favorite points and beaches.  We gave her a proper field testing and were just so impressed with the results!  Transporting the board is almost too easy.  It actually fits in my wagon with the rear hatch door open or it can be strapped to the roof for longer drives.  It is also light enough that I can carry it to the beach from my house with no problem; aided by the intergraded and perfectly balanced handle.  Flat water paddling is actually much more stable and smooth than I thought it would be; one stroke goes a heck of a long way on this little nugget!  The wide midsection of the board makes for a very stable platform and is quite forgiving.  This makes balancing effortless while the full nose and pulled in tail allow for water to efficiently pass over the hull.  These design features were most helpful on less glassy days, when the chop and unpredictable wave conditions made just standing a challenge.  The most fun we had on the board was by far on the bigger, head high days.  The board is super floaty and maneuverable so getting in position and navigating the line up was so much easier than on the old 11 footer!  Just a few stokes gets you up to speed and the acceleration and lift you feel off of the take off makes it feel more like a shortboard than a SUP!  With the 2+1 set up in I found that the Bullet thrives on big bottom turns and even bigger top turns!  The quad set up is a bit looser but it gives bite and traction in all the right spots and it is perfect for the more hollow days or bigger open faced sections with  lots of transitions where speed and more radical maneuvering is critical!  I literally had one of the best and fastest barrel rides of my life on this board and I'm still trying to shake the adrenaline from my system!!!    As far as durability goes, this thing is bullet proof…We slammed it into countless beach breaks, had a few unexpected collisions in the line up, stomped on it from nose to tail, and drove with it to spots all over New England and it still looks brand new!!!   After this much usage my other SUPs had heel and knee knocker dents all over the decks and even a few gouges on the rails from some sloppy paddle work.   I think this is where Boga's bamboo sandwich construction really separates them from the comp.  Their boards are built to last and designed to withstand some serious punishment.

I would highly suggest the Boga 9.5 Bullet to anyone interested in Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  It is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and price and overall it's just a blast to ride!  Beginners will love its stability and forgiving rails while intermediate and advanced riders will appreciate the performance and maneuverability characteristics that will make you fall in love with SUP all over again.  Coming in competitively priced at: $925.00 I'd say you're getting a great deal.  Boga also has your shipping fears solved…most boards ship for under $50 bucks and orders of multiple boards or over $1,500 are FREE!  I've had a lot of boards sent to us here at the Dailystoke and I can personally tell you that under $50 is almost unheard of and a great deal!!!  Check out Boga's entire line up of boards at: and get one today, you won't be disappointed!  Thanks for reading and as always, be sure to tell a friend…

– Shaper

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  1. Awesome looking boards, I want one!

  2. I love the sandwich construction, is it like a Firewire? Looks cool, good review

  3. Craig Sherwood says:

    That thing looks sick! I’ve never seen a swallowtail on a SUP. Do they make them under 9 feet?

  4. Their open water Paddle Boards look really nice. Kinda looks like a longer version of the bullet you reviewed. Nice article guys!

  5. Sooooo cooool! I want one…do they sell them in NC?

  6. Marcus Dulcott says:

    Glad I saw this review today, I was struggling with a choosing between a Corban and Boga SUP. The Boga was a bit cheaper and had me concerned but after reading this review I think I am going to give them a try. All made in the same factories anyway these days…wish me luck! – Marcus D (1st pier dawn patrollers club)

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