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We're always on the look out for new “green” technology and I was recently approached by WeWood Watches to get my read on their new brand.  WeWood is watch company based out of Los Angeles, CA and they are manufacturing and selling wooden watches!  The wood used in the watches is recycled; all comes from pre-consumer flooring planks. The wood is free of toxic chemicals or any stains/finish, making them safe to wear next to your skin.

I was sent a WeWood Date in Beige to test out.  The watch itself looks cool and the construction was much more solid than I had anticipated, especially for being made of multiple small wooden parts.  It mimicked the look of a traditional diver's watch but with half the weight.  Changing out links is a snap and it fit like a glove.  Although the majority of the watch is wood, there is some hardware consisting mostly of a few screws, pins, the closure clasp and the Miyota movements used inside.

The timepiece is water resistant but not waterproof so taking it surfing is a no go.  However, I can say that it is one of the most comfortable watches I have worn and it is certainly a conversation piece, I have been stopped quite a few times and people have been reacting to it.

With the holidays right around the corner I would highly suggest checking out the WeWood Collection (  Coming in around a $100 bucks you can't go wrong and it's a way cooler gift to give than a gift card.  As always, thanks for reading and be sure to tell a friend.

– Shaper


• 100% Wood

• Hypo-allergenic

• Completely free of toxic chemicals

• Miyota movement

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  1. I got one for Christmas, it is really comfortable to wear and it even smelt of wood – lovely! You can get them in the UK from an online watch store called Watch Me Go and I particularly like the Chronograph style.

  2. I ordered one, received it and it was defective. You couldn’t set the digital time and date. I contacted the company and they sent out a replacement very quickly. I got the new one, and gave it to my BF for X-mas. 2 days later the digital time and date just stopped working. Because he liked the watch so much, we’re trying for a 3rd. Hopefully this one won’t break.

  3. I have a wewood date (1 month) and it works perfect ! I bought at

  4. You can buy it easily, the problem is that this watch is so ugly!

  5. My watch broke three months after I got it. I loved the watch, but getting a new one wasn’t easy. I had to take a photo of the watch, submit my tracking number (evidence of returning a broken watch – which you have to do first before getting a replacement), and pay the cost of shipping (I’ve NEVER heard of a company requiring this), and all the while dealt with a rather surly customer service representative. My cost of shipping was over $16 with shipping and packaging as it is cross-country. The policy on their site states that shipping back a broken item will be covered by WeWood. I submitted my receipt for reimbursement for shipping and two weeks later- nothing. I called to check and they hadn’t mailed it. Then, they tried to insist they’d only pay me for $5. Be aware of this if your watch does break.

  6. Reuben Canada says:

    The watch broke within two weeks and they want me to pay $40 dollars to repair it. They won’t honor the warranty even though it was purchased now. Bad, Bad company parading around like they are a small, conscious company.

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