Intelliskin Gear Review: Good Enuf for Kelly Slater, Good Enuf for You

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No B.S. Summary

The IntelliSkin shirt is scientifically designed to retrain your body to achieve optimal muscular balance and function through proper alignment and quality of movement.

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The Good

  • Perfect posture, better quality of life...nuff said.

The Not So Good

  • There is not one thing I would change about this shirt! Unbelievable!!!

No B.S. Review


I have been a firm believer in proper back care for years.  While watching a recent tour event live online, I saw an ad scroll across the top of the feed that caught my eye.  A click later and I was brought to IntelliSkin's website and I am so stoked I stumbled across it!

Dr. Tim Brown is the mastermind behind the brand and after experiencing an IntelliSkin shirt personally; my hat is off to him!  Not only is he a Doctor and Inventor, he surfs too!!!  IntelliSkin products mimic healthy muscles and provide constant support that improves how you move and feel.  Similar to S.P.R.T. (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping) which is all the rage these days, IntelliSkin dynamically supports muscles and joints, ultimately decreasing pain and improving sensory motor function. These traits instantly help your body move better and aid in correcting muscle imbalances that are the cause of most injuries, pain, poor posture, and lagged performance. Their unique, patent pending design includes perfectly positioned posture panels which offer both a dynamic structural support element, while at the same time stimulating the nerve endings in the skin which translates into a more predictable neuromuscular response.  When combined with an athlete, this system stimulates muscles that are overused and tight while toning and supporting the underused muscles needed for proper posture and power at the same time.

For the purpose of this review we were sent a few of their Foundation shirts.  They are designed to be form fitting and a bit tighter than your average tee shirt, but they are not restrictive in any way and after a while you almost forget you have it on!  My first observation was how immediately aligned I felt when wearing one!  It adds tension and a liveliness to all the right places and you really become aware of how poor your posture is without one on!!!  I wore it for the better part of a month; from work to the gym I was just so impressed with the support and versatility it offered.  The benefit was most significant for me at overcoming the long hours at the desk and on some long flights for business related travel.  I just felt better at the end of the day than I usually do without one on and that was enough for me to not stop wearing it!  It washes well, dries fast, and it still looks brand new even after heavy use!  To be sure that I wasn't overselling myself on the shirts performance, I gave a few samples to some local surfers I know and asked for their feedback.  The following is a true account from another happy recipient of an IntelliSkin Foundation shirt:

“I surf in New England year round in our harsh beach breaks, cold water, and inconsistent surf. I took a header a few months back and herniated my C6 and C7 discs. Missing this whole surf season, I've been visiting PT, massage therapists and chiropractors instead!  I finally just put on an Intelliskin shirt two days ago. I cannot believe the difference in my posture and the overall relief in my back! Posture and core strength are the keys to a true recovery. My Intelliskin is making a real difference and I would highly recommend one. I could easily wear this for the next 6 months of recovery to really retrain my muscles! Watch out surf, I'll be back stronger than before!  Thanks Dailystoke and Intelliskin!” 

With a case study like that I am even more confident referring our readers to IntelliSkin products.  However, if that weren't enough to sell you on IntelliSkin, surly some of the biggest names in our sport might have an influence.  The two stand-out ambassadors for the brand that come to mind are Mr. Kelly Slater himself and one of my all time favorite women surfers and biggest crushes, Lisa Anderson!  As I'm sure you're aware, these two athletes basically have their pick of endorsing just about any product out there, surf or non-surf related.  For them to step up and support this brand on the level that they are says a lot to me about the quality of the product and the company.  Kelly, Lisa, and a continuing number of professional athletes and wellness professionals are catching the IntelliSkin bug and word is starting to spread like wildfire!  Simply put…people want to endorse the brand because it works!  All have seen the instant and long term benefits of wearing the garments and they have highlighted that it has helped with their overall alignment and posture, recovery and overall wellness, reduction of injuries, and in many cases enhancing performance and power.

In conclusion, I have to say that I am a true believer and gladly put my stamp of approval on any Intelliskin products.  They add a confidence and swagger that you've never had before and they certainly help provide a quality of life you'd sped tens of thousands for at a chiropractor or masseuse.  Coming in around $95.00 you are getting more than a shirt, you're getting a steal!   Be sure to visit them today at and start feeling better now!  They also offer other products which include a new line of sports bras and shorts that incorporate the same mind blowing technology as the shirts we reviewed!!! As always, thanks so much for reading and be sure to tell a friend….

– Shaper

 *I'd also like to give a special thanks to Andrea Tagliareni for making this review happen and her patience in getting the content just right!

Benefits of wearing IntelliSkin:

  • Instantly feel taller, leaner, and stronger
  • Improved spinal alignment and posture
  • Increased mobility, stability, muscular balance, and stability
  • Better respiration, increased circulation and oxygen flow to the brain and muscle, increasing endurance and reducing fatigue
  • Quicker recovery from training, competition, injury and even traveling
  • Supports and enhances the rehabilitation process when treating injuries   (wearing IntelliSkin after treatment can extend the benefits of that treatment)
  •  Improved movement patterns through proper alignment and posture
  • Reduces the risk of injury associated with poor posture and repetitive movement patterns

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  • POSTURECUE TECHNOLOGY: Uniquely designed to mimic functional taping techniques to create intelligent feedback that connects your mind to your posture, Stimulates, tones and supports your most important posture muscles resulting in improved alignment, posture and performance
  • ADDITIONAL ATTRIBUTES: Specific shoulder placement of IntelliFoam panels that grip like functional taping to optimize fit and performance, Sleeveless construction for complete freedom of movement in the arms and shoulders, Made from a special blend of fibers to create the highest quality compression fabric available that is approximately 3 times more resilient than traditional fibers (56% Nylon / 44% Lycra Power), SPF protection, Made in USA.


  1. I got an Intelliskin shirt as a gift from my mother-in-law a while back and I completely agree with Garage Shaper that these shirts are the real deal and truly amazing!!! Definitely worth the investment.

  2. I love my intelliskins. I have a sports bra (which I am wearing as I type) and a foundation shirt that I wear when I need a bit more support. Dr. Brown saved me!!!

  3. I am a trainer and surfer and have been using Proprioceptive Response Taping for a few years, both with clients and personally. I love the concept and user friendliness behind this shirt and the writer seemed to be pretty passionate about the product so I am definitely going to give it a try! Good review Dailystoke!!!

  4. Lisa Anderson is a godess!!! She rips too!!!!

  5. That looks like the ultimate sports bra on their site! It’ll be on my list this year :) :)

  6. Cool concept but does it make you surf better? Look forward to trying one.

  7. Great Review!

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