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I don't know one surfer or outdoor sport enthusiast that doesn't own or have a use for a quality pair of sunglasses.  I'm not just talking about the random accessory that you see “wanna be” kooks out there attaching to their faces; usually trying to imitate or channel the trendiest free-surfer/artist or World Tour A-Lister they see smiling back at them in their newest copy of any globally published surf or sports magazine.  I won't lie; at one time in my life, I too was incredibly influenced by these ads and images.  However, as have matured (a.k.a. – slowly become an old man), I have realized that with a little extra investment on the front end and less worry about what tour surfer is also wearing the many times, hideous looking sunglasses, you get more bang for your buck and eye care/health you can't buy anywhere!!! Yes, we have two of them, but ask guys like One-eyed-Willie (thank you Goonies) and surfing's very own Jack O'Neill who most definitely would have told you that eye care should be of the utmost importance.  Although accidents or battles at sea were at fault in their cases, the sun's harmful effects are what cause most damage to the general population – those that partake in outdoor activities are at an even greater risk.  A few years ago we were finally lucky enough to connect with a solutions provider that has helped to eliminate some chronic issues that used to plague many of our staff and enhance the outdoor experience for anyone looking through their lenses.   In this review we are honored to debut the latest offering from our friends at Maui Jim Sunglasses.

In the past, when we were first exposed to Maui Jim Sunglasses, I just remember being so floored at the crisp image and lack of straining I had to do when checking the morning or evening surf behind a pair of their lenses.  It sounds funny, but it makes things seem like they are in High Definition!!!  They have a large “quiver” of frame and lens styles, shapes, and colors, and they have a set of shades for anyone or any situation.  They styles geared towards men and women but they also offer quite a few unisex options that could compliment anyone's face.

Although I love their glasses, historically you do have to take a bit more care than you usual to maintain the glass lenses and keep them free from scratches; as well as some of the more critical/mechanical areas like the arm hinges or outer frame where the tolerances can get quite thin.  This usually isn't a problem, but it has kept me from taking them on some last minute missions or to events or activities where I could lose or damage such an amazing pair of glasses.  To combat this challenge, Maui Jim's team of mad scientists have created a solution to tackle all my previous worries and produced a new generation of nearly indestructible glasses.

No other glasses on the market share the DNA makeup of this new line and we are stoked to have the chance to introduce you to MauiPure.  MauiPure is the optical industry's clearest “non-glass” with unmatched impact and scratch resistance – which from what I have been told is really hard to do. Most lenses, if they are clear, are fragile. And if they're strong, they have less than optimal optics for some sports and outdoor activities. These lenses are the best of all worlds. New MauiPure™ lenses are the lightest lens in the Maui Jim portfolio and they have quickly become a new favorite of many of our staffers.

For the purpose of this review, Maui Jim sent us a pair from their new Nakalele line.  Right out of the box I was just blown away with the weight reduction and light feel they offered.  I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable shades I've ever worn!  The arms are hinge-less and incredibly thin which I was a bit skeptical about, but they fold down well for storage and are crazy durable!!!  Sit on them, bend them, drop them, these frames are bulletproof and incredibly resilient.  The nose and arm pads are made of a soft, durable, nylon that add a key and very effective no slip feature.   Although the frame is impressive and offers a DNA and features not commonly seen in the optics world, the new MauiPure lenses are where the WOW factor can be seen.  Just as crisp and clear as any of the other Maui Jim line, these lenses also offer that HD factor and are perfect for scoping the surf. However, their resistance to scratching, nicks, and blunt force impact is just amazing!  For the sake of this review, I first tried to just scratch a small corner of the upper lens with a key…long story short, I ended up rubbing the sharpest corners of the key all over both lenses with some serious elbow grease and I couldn't get the faintest sign of scratches, lines, or chips!!!!  NASA should call Maui Jim and ask for their recipe for the next spaceship!  The MauiPure lens is just unreal!!!

From style, to performance, to durability, these Nakalele shades with the MauiPure technology are outstanding and we feel compelled to get the word out to all our readers.  You can't go wrong with a pair of Maui's and coming in around $300.00, your getting outstanding quality at a competitive price.  But, more importantly, you're investing in top notch protection that will help ensure the long term health of your eyes and enhance your outdoor experience.  Do yourself a favor and visit Maui Jim's site today and grab yourself a proper pair of shades:

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  1. I’ve sailed for years and Maui J’s are the only way to go! Good review and suggestion

    – Tim Young

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