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Recently, another flat spell re-ignited my interest and passion for longboard skating.  It is just such and amazing cross trainer and substitute for surfing and it is so much fun!!!

Original Skate Co. has been on my wish list of companies to check out for a while now and I was lucky enough to finally connect with them heading into the New Year.  Original was founded in 2002 by Brad and Scott Imbrie and I have been following the company since it's inception.  I am just amazed with the brand they have built and the success they have had in such a short period of time.  Their growth seems to be happing organically and you can just tell that they are passionate about the sport and taking it and their equipment to the next level.  Over the past decade they have earned the respect of the skating and surfing communities, all while building a reputation known for quality, performance, and great customer service.  They are also heavily dedicated to social media and video/photo documentation of the sport and you can literally spend hours checking out some of their amazing footage!  What I like best is that Original was founded by and is still run by actual skaters who use these products everyday…

For the purpose of this review Original sent out two of their newest models for us to test; the Apex 40 DoubleConcave and the Apex 40 AvRockerConcave.  Both are part of their new Apex 40 line but some slight differences in the two decks give riders performance and functionality options that will suit a wider variety of riding styles and environments.

These boards were designed and built with Freeride/Freestyle performance needs in mind and in my opinion they have hit the nail of the head!   The Apex 40 DoubleConcave was first on chopping block.  My first observation was the deck height and how perfectly positioned and balanced it seemed.  This board uses a slightly less aggressive drop truck concept which provides the perfect formula of ground clearance, stability, and an ergonomic platform to pump and drive from.  The concaves on the deck are super inviting and give your feet a flood of new sensations and ways to generate speed and explosive bursts of power. The blend of materials used in the board's construction offer a pop and liveliness I have yet to feel in another longboard.  The combination of carbon, wood, and glass provide a tuned suspension that provides reliable predictability and performance over a long period of time.  It also makes it one of the most durable products out there.  We personally beat these boards to death and they still look and ride like new! (Be sure to check out the video below to see just how durable they are!!!)  I liked this board best for bombing downhill and going FAST!  It has it all…responsiveness, stability, and control.  It also worked well in the flats and I am still finding new and creative ways to use those deck contours!

Next up was the Apex 40 AvRocker Concave Although it has many similar characteristics to the DoubleConcave it is by no mean the same.  Original reconfigured the rocker away from the center of the board which allows for 10 uninterrupted inches of real estate to work with. The majority of the rocker on this board resides on the foot placement sections of the deck.  While this does not interrupt the 3.5 degree wedging; it does increase your awareness, lock in, and feel of the deck (front to back) drastically. This board also hosts a taller kicktail than the DoubleConcave and it is much more agile in the flats and on smaller hills.  I have been riding this board to and from work for the past few weeks and just love it!  I can even make it up the slightly elevated street sections with ease and it glides like a dream.  I also found it easier to do cross-stepping and more complicated freestyle footwork and maneuvers with the AvRocker.  This board definitely had the most significant impact on my surfing muscles as well.  The workouts I got on this deck translated into smoother rail to rail transitions as well as more endurance in the water.

Both boards are complimented with top notch hardware and accessories and a killer warranty.  It's clear Original wants to provide riders of all experience levels with the best equipment possible and they back up their promise to  keep their customers on the road and happy.  Coming in around $300 bucks for a complete deck is a complete steal in my opinion.  You are getting one of the most advanced boards on the market and it is durable enough to hand down to your children and still ride like new!  I also think it will bring a new confidence to your skating and surfing and provide you with hours of stoke!  Be sure to check out Original's entire line up of killer boards at: http://www.originalskateboards.com and get one today!  As always, thanks for reading and be sure to tell a friend…-Shaper

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  1. Now I know what I am spending my holiday gift cards on!!!

  2. Dope boards! I never heard of Original before but they seem solid.
    – Shane

  3. im a longborder and i was living in SOUHT AMERICA and is lots of people love to do longboarding now i move to UK and i live NORTE bud i don’t see even one kid whit a LONGBOARD no body i think you guys need to get those board here

  4. I still have my first Original board. Best brand I’ve ever owned and I also highly recommend them – good review dailystoke!

  5. Why everybody in silverfishlongboarding.com says that is a terrible longboard?

    I would like to buy it, but is is too expensive and people say bad thing about it.

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