Seaglass Project Tuna 6’2″ Alaia Surfboard Review

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No B.S. Summary

The Tuna models are the ultimate in freedom surfing.

seaglass award on top of board

The Good

  • Winner of the 2011 Australian International Best Design Award
  • Designed by Tom Wegener

The Not So Good

  • Finless board so it's going to be different than your normal board, but once you get it you'll be stoked!

No B.S. Review


The Seaglass Project finless Tuna was designed by Tom Wegener, and produced by GSI.  It recently won the 2011 Australian Int'l Best Design Award.

The problem with tradtional wood alaia boards is that they are hard to paddle on and catch waves — which left alaia surfing for really just expert level surfers.  But Tom came up with a design that allows everyone of experience the thrill (these finless boards are fast) of finless surfing.  The board has no rocker, and a roll in the front so it's easier to paddle and catch waves.  Now you can as Tom says, experience “2-dimensional surfing” by doing some slides, spins and drifts.  We've all seen Machado riding finless — this board is fun.

The Tunas are designed to have just the right blend of flex, rail and bottom contours constructed with the most modern materials to increase floatation and enhance performance.  The Tuna's rocker profile is very flat so it is easy to catch waves.  The combination of the curves and hard rails holds the board into the wave face.  Being finless means minimal drag, which allows maximum speed even on the smallest waves.  With the Tuna in your quiver you will look at the surf in a more three dimensional way.  Seeing waves that are fun and ripable where you did not see them before.  It will truly open your mind and your surfing!

Here are some comments from Tom on the design process:

“In September 2008 I was driving to the surf with my good friend and film maker Nathan Oldfield.  We were talking about getting some more footage of the alaia for his upcoming movie and I was saying that the alaia story was pretty much done and that another board was on the way. ” The next board will be a big adventure much like the alaia”, I said to him.  This was the first time that the thought of a new class of surfboard was in formulation. Nathan finished his masterpiece, “Seaworthy”, before the Tuna project really started rolling.  I had made Tuna number one by that point and the fact that it rode OK gave me the green light to run with it.

The 2011 Australian International Design Award will help the public see that this is not only a  great design but a practical surfboard.  For me, I can ride any surfboard in the world.  I can make any board in my factory and the Seaglass Tuna is what I surf most often.  I see the young kids ripping on them and carving the wave in ways inconceivable on a finned board.”


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  • Size: 6'2&quot
  • :

  • Materials:
    SLX Technology (lightweight &amp
  • flexible):


  1. marcus souza says:

    Here in Brazil I do have riding finless Tuna 5’6”, and yes I am stoked. This board give me back the happiness on surfing essence as once you ride it you gonna change all your mind concepts about surfing bases and the whole way to move your body and guide your board along the wave. Trust me, it is well defined by Tom Wegener words, 2-dimensional surfing to not say extraterrestrial.
    Meanwhile I get improving my “surfinless”, people here just come to me and check what a hell I am riding!
    Yes GSI, you have your merchandising hundred percent guaranteed and I have my mind free!!! kkk

  2. I live on the East Coast of Florida and started riding my tuna as much as I can. I have quickly adapted to this exciting new way of surfing. I am more excited about surfing than ever. Doing drifts, slides and spins has really excited me to surf small waves all the time. I love this board and I don;t think I will be as excited to ride a normal board again. Thanks for re-designing the old with the new materials and ideas.

  3. Cássio Castelo says:

    Hello all right? How much have such a board to Brazil? Rio de Janeiro? I wonder the price of it. Send me the value of it and delivery. Good waves! Aloha! My email:

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