Skateboard and Gear Rack Reviewed

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No B.S. Summary

Easy to install, sturdy, modular racks to show off your gear or keep it off your floor.

The Good

  • Took 3 minutes to install
  • Can fit any size skateboard, or anything else for that matter
  • Strong
  • Cheap!

The Not So Good

  • The black plastic is probably better suited for garage storage than bedroom storage.

No B.S. Review


The rad team at reached out to us to review their newest product, a modular skateboard and/or random gear rack.  The racks consist of two injection molded, three-tiered racks that easily mount with included drywall anchors and hardware.  This couldn't have been a better product for me.  I skate pretty much everywhere within a 2 mile radius of my house, and my walls have gotten wrecked with black wheel scuffs.  They did feel a bit flimsy out of the packaging, but once they're hanging on the walls they were sturdy and feel like they could hold a significant amount of weight.  This is the budget version, but the website has some pretty cool options for showing off your sticks, from snowboards, to surfboards, and beyond. Plus, they're only $19.99 a set!

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