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Jesse is the man, pure and simple.  He's shaped 12,000 boards and that experience gets incorporated into this fine shred stick.  Highly recommended, great board.

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  • WRV boards...good enough for Mark Healey, good enough for you

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No B.S. Review

WRV J. Fernandez 8'6"

Dialing-in the J. Fernandez at Long Beach Surf Shop

Everybody knows that WRV surfboards are built locally on the East Coast and seem to turn up wherever you go, but not everyone may know just how unbelievably prime these boards perform.  Sure there are a lot of contenders in this category, but if the question is whether WRV longboards go faster and rip harder, based on DailyStoke proprietary testing the answer is yes.  WRV's blanks are made in California and each board is individually hand-shaped and glassed in North Carolina.  The model that we tested this week is the WRV 8'6” J. Fernandez longboard.  Designed with enough float to paddle the board this board is streamlined to offer superior performance when it really counts.

I picked up the board at Long Beach Surf Shop in Long Island, one of the outfitters in the area that offers a huge selection of boards and brands.  Luke, the owner, gave me a thorough rundown on why this board is designed to conquer East Coast waves but I wanted to try it out for myself.

While some makers try to channel the designs of the past and end up with a longboard that functions similarly to those built decades ago, Jesse's designs are thoroughly modern.  On the bottom of the 8'6” model we tested you'll see a gradual double concave shape that leads to a slight V-shape in the tail.  Rather than a single-fin there is a longer central fin flanked by two shorter fins on either side to promote quicker turning. Essentially, the board's tri-fin design incorporates the glide of a longboard with the performance and thrust of a shortboard in a single layout.  The board has enough rocker to offer control in larger, hollow waves while still enabling straight line stability and speed.  The same thinking that went into the development of one of WRV's newer and most popular shortboards, the Wombat aka “Hatteras Nugget”, shines through in Jesse's longboards as well.

Jesse Fernandez has shaped over 12,000 boards in his lifetime but still finds the time to hit the water a couple of times a week in Virginia.  Being so close to consistent surf in Virginia provides him with a consistent testing ground in order to funnel feedback into the shaping bay on a weekly basis.  His focus on continually refining his longboard designs to respond to conditions in the water has resulted in a board that goes like a rocket ship but provides ample stability for noseriding.  Jesse's moto is one to live by, ‘Go faster, surf better.'

You can meet some of the reps from WRV at the Allegria Surf Week event in Long Beach from July 11-16 or find out more about WRV on their website

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  1. I like the design on this board. It is kind of short for a longboard but probably works for a lighter rider. Has anyone tried one from them that is nine feet +? I saw one in my local shop. Any experience on how these hold up?

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