makes our favorite one-deal-at-a-time sites just one click away


While I’m still ecstatic over the iPhone application ODAT Tracker that makes checking my favorite one deal at a time sites super easy, I was recently turned on to a desktop application with the same functionality. incorporates SteepandCheap, WhiskeyMilitia, Brociety, TramDock, ChainLove and BonkTown in a clean and easy to view format, providing addicted shoppers like myself a snapshot overview of the latest deals from these six ODAT sites.

The good news is that the site is incredibly easy on the eyes, as it is free of all those annoying advertisements for sexual enhancers and penis elongators that so many similar sites are plagued with. The better news is that the developers of the website are open to suggestions, as well as open to adding additional relevant deal sites.

My only suggestion for Eugene and the crew at is to take my number down so they can call me when those rare, amazing wetsuit deals pop up, so I don’t have to once again hear how one of my bros scored a brand new Rip Curl F-Bomb for $120. Pre-selected, deal-specific texting and/or phone calls is what I need. Until then, will more than suffice for my ODAT needs. Keep up the good work guys.

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2 thoughts on “ makes our favorite one-deal-at-a-time sites just one click away

  1. eugene


    Thanks for the post bro, we’re glad you like it!!! The reason the design is so clean is simple: we use GearScan all the time ourselves, and want the most painless experience possible 🙂

    Thanks again — we’ve added your ideas to the list, and will hit you back if/when they happen.


  2. Steve

    Love Gear Scan, great site ! I also use anther site to track all the deals called cleansnipe – they allow you to set up alerts for the specific items you want. So you get an email when the gear you want comes up.



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