Global Surf Industries Goes Coconuts!


Ya see that board over there that looks like it’s made of brown marble?






Coconut? No shit!



Yep. Coconut.


Why didn’t I think of that?



Cause you keep yapping on about hemp boards, then smoke all the materials.

Global Surf International dreamed up coconut mat boards and brought their patent pending idea from concept through production. As coconut water has rapidly become the new water, we’re left with mountains of empty coconut husks itching for a second life. This waste was a daily reality for the Thailand based GSI employees on their daily treks past coconut fields to the GSI factory. The question was, what could be done with all those shells? A little creative thinking and testing had GSI turning them into eco-friendly surfboard materials.

The final product looks like a standard PU board with brown marble paint jobs on top and bottom. The coloring is not paint at all, but is actually brown coconut husk strips from a loose shake that are patted flat and glassed onto the board. This is no woven fabric, nor synthesized product. It’s just 100% pure coconut goodness spread around the top and bottom of the board. Why do this, you ask? A) it looks cool as shit; and B) the coconut strips offer a stronger, lighter alternative to even carbon fiber cloth, giving the board a super-natural strength.

I’m sold on the concept and I’m sure it won’t be very long before other shapers start incorporating some type of coconut mash into their designs. Check the coconut mat boards out at GSI’s website and stay tuned for more coconutty concoctions in the near future.

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  1. Mark Kelly - Global Surf Jndustries


    Just to clarify a point. The development was actually made by the NSP Team in Thailand. It took a fair while ton’get it right’ but it was there concept, design and execution that created this great product. Using the by product of Coconut water and meat is a really sustainable idea as most of it is usually just burnt or used in landfill.


    Global Surf Industries


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