Goodbye Ghost Trees, we hardly knew ya


Famous for producing some of the largest rideable waves along the California coast, the beloved Ghost Trees is now officially off limits to personal watercraft.  This recent ruling by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), in conjunction with officials at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, was long expected as the protected sanctuary has become increasingly crowded with personal watercraft over the past few years.  In an effort to protect the environment and the surrounding marine life, the decision was made to close off the entire sanctuary to personal watercraft, meaning there will be no more tow-in surfing at Ghost Trees or Moss Landing.  With multiple contenders for the Billabong XXL awards using Ghost Trees as a venue over the past few years, the spot will surely be missed as the next award ceremony rolls around.  Situated off the prestigious golf course, Pebble Beach, Ghost Trees will only be open to paddle surfers for the forseeable future.  Things should get interesting during the first big swell, as we’re sure to hear of a few guys who challenge the restrictions the first time the spot starts cranking.  At the same time the Ghost Trees decision was handed down, a similar block on Maverick’s was posted, with the exception of days when the NOAA high surf advisory is issued.  While big wave paddle purists and environmentalists celebrate the new restriction, the tow-in community laments the loss.  Ghost Trees, you will be missed.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Ghost Trees, we hardly knew ya

  1. JM

    Finally a sound decision! The example will hopefully be followed in other parts of the world, especially when it’s not even close to tow-in size, like here in france (hossegor) when it’s 5 foot.

    Guys like Laird do commercial for the NRDC, asking people to protect the environment and do their parts. Well it seems people like Laird forget they are big polluters not by necessity but for their own selfish pursuit of pleasure.

    Time to get real.

  2. jt

    Well than keep worrying about France. Stay out of the U.S if you think ski’s pollute our waters that much! I would consider fake eviro activist like urself more of a hinder to our waters than a ski. Ghost Trees had some real potential!


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