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In today’s culture the surfing industry is exploding with new and inventive technology, progressive riding styles, and new companies and shops popping up all over the US. However, most surfers have their favorite local shop in their hometown that has been there for their every need. Whether you have the need for a new board because you snapped your last Dumpster Diver on an Air Reverse or a new pair of sunglasses because you ran them over with your truck rushing to make the sunrise paddle out, there’s a specific shop you go to.

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In Wilmington, NC that shop is Hot Wax Surf Shop. The shop is located at 4510 Hoggard Drive, right off of S. College Road and directly across from the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus. Owner and surfboard shaper Michael Paul opened the shop in 1986 and has been shaping boards in this shop and before the shop for 33 years. With time and repetition comes experience, Paul started out shaping boards with legend Ed Barbera on the North Shore of Oahu. After gaining enough experience, Paul went on to start his own surfboard line. This line of boards is known as Proline Surfboards. Paul himself has personally tested his hand shaped boards in some of the biggest and best surf across the world. The most notable locations that Paul has surfed are places like: Jeffery’s Bay, Tavarua, Fiji, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Indonesia. As an avid surfer, Paul is willing to push the boundaries in terms of conventional surfboard design. Due to this enthusiasm for the sport, at Hot Wax you can order a completely custom board fit to your wildest specifications that Paul will obviously shape himself. In addition to carrying Paul’s hand shaped Proline surfboards, the option for a completely custom board, Hot Wax also carries all of the big brand name boards. The shop, including Paul’s shaping room boasts a 5000 square foot shop floor with an upstairs portion that holds all of the surfboards, bodyboards, and skimboards they sell.


If you are ever on the East Coast chasing a storm, end up a student at UNCW, or are just taking a day trip down to one of the many surf spots Eastern NC has to offer, stop by Hot Wax and check it out. If you do get the chance to attend UNCW as a student, definitely take advantage of the 10% discount you will receive when shopping at Hot Wax simply for attending the University right across S. College Rd.


The shop always has the newest gear and most popular brands on the market and the staff is extremely friendly and eager to use their vast knowledge to assist customers in the best purchases possible. The shop is open 7-days a week and no matter what you are looking for, Hot Wax Surf Shop is sure to have the product you are looking for in-stock or in route to the shop. Also, checkout their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

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