How to make a longboard – out wood, starring Greg Noll, Doc Ball, LeRoy Grannis and Lorrin Harrison


Wow. This vid is pretty awesome for those into surfing nostalgia. (And we all are, ain't we!). Here you'll see a bunch of old guys (old guys rule blah blah blah) carving, literally, a log out of…a log. They even start the project with a massive chisel. This vid must be from the mid-80s or so, starring Doc Ball, LeRoy Grannis and Lorrin Harrison (and Greg Noll, the big guy.) The music is about as old as the combined age of these guys. Anyway, check it out:


  1. looks heavy

  2. That’s badass. Always wanted to learn that stuff.

  3. Mary Ann Machi says:

    I’m now 58. Doc was my dentist in Garberville CA when I was a kid. He surfed Shelter Cove for as long as I can remember. I have pix of a contest he officiated at the Cove in the 1960s. Kids from the Agate Beach Surf Club won. I last saw him at the Cove when he was in his late eighties, up at the General Store. He was still in his wetsuit, dripping sea water, big grin. Great guy!

  4. Sam Gibbs says:

    Hey I was trying the same thing out of wood. just my piece of wood is 8 foot long and pine.
    Not the best for surfing…
    Any special suggestions for getting the rocker and the bend the way you want it?
    AWesome video.

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