Kelly Slater stokes surfers at Quiksilver book signing


“I got what I came for!” gushed Christine Scarano, at Kelly Slater's book signing yesterday for his new book, For the Love. A Slater devotee, Scarano was one of a couple hundred surfers stoked to meet him in person.

The “lineup” for the signing stretched long at Quiksilver's SoHo New York shop, where surfers from all corners came to meet the world champ, get For the Love autographed by him, and – in the case of two Brits – have two brand new Channel Islands K-boards autographed. Said Andy Johnson of San Francisco, who had one of the boards John Doe'd: “I've admired him for a long time, and follow the ASP World Tour.” A big surfing fan who surfs at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Johnson said he didn't have the ego to wax up his board and actually surf it. “This is going right on to the wall,” he said. “Kelly Slater just had an amazing year – the best surfing he's done, in my opinion,” said Johnson, who follows Slater's every move via the ASP World Tour webcasts.

Quiksilver's event packed the house with local New York and New Jersey surfers, along with plenty of surfers from away. Jennifer Noonan, originally from New Jersey, now a lifeguard from Delray Beach, Florida came out to meet Slater largely because of his life story, which has mirrored her own in many respects, she said. “He is just so generous and honest. I'd love to talk to him about a surfing camp for underprivileged kids, because I think he would do it. He's one of the surfing pros who I think is down to earth.” Indeed, Kelly Slater spent the most time at the book signing with the local groms.

Of course, it wasn't just groms that were in awe of surfing's leading man. Said surfing fan, Andy Johnson, after getting the boards signed: “I'm shaking like a little kid!”

Kelly Slater's book, For the Love is available now on, here. He'll be doing book signings at Quiksilver's Flagship store on Tuesday, November 18 and in Santa Monica on November 20. We'll have more on Kelly Slater later this week, as well as a full review of For the Love.

Photos from the event courtesy of New York-based photog, Steven Burton.


  1. clive carter says:

    When would Kelly Slater come to london UK for book signing??? or events


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