Ocean Pollution Update/Follow-up


A few posts ago, I wrote about how the river in my town dumped waste into the ocean. I informed everyone that I decided to go surfing a little while after they fixed everything and that I’d report back letting you know if I caught Hepatitis or a serious rash. Luckily, the water was safe enough that I didn’t catch anything, not even a rash. The waves were perfect: 6 feet, long rides, offshore winds, and to make it even better, there was barely anyone in the water. October is a great month here because the tourists don’t really come until beginning of November (the heat and prevalence of mosquitoes makes October not that inviting to tourists) and usually there are some swells that we catch from the hurricanes. Unfortunately, you never know when the swell will actually hit us–we gave up on the weather report a long time ago. One day we have great waves and the next it is completely flat. I especially love it when the tourists comment to me that there are no waves whatsoever, and I have to be the bearer of bad news and tell them that 3 days ago the waves were pumping. Anyway, the waves are pretty mellow right now after that gorgeous swell and we are patiently awaiting the next one. Hopefully it comes soon!

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