Onbongo Pro – Wednesday recap


In the second day of the 6 Star Onbongo Pro, in Ubatuba, Brazil, the Brazilian mob continued to have its way with the few international elite surfers in the event.  The biggest news of the day was top ranked Brazilian World Tour surfer, Adriano de Souza getting taken out in the first heat of Round 2, with the heat win going to 14 year old Brazilian, Gabriel Medina.  Though Adriano is recovering from an ankle injury he sustained at the Rio contest a couple weeks back, this early exit is still a shocker for the talented young surfer who hasn’t bowed out earlier than Round 3 on this year’s World Tour, and was last year’s Onbongo Pro winner.  With the first eight heats of Round 2 running today, Brazilians continued to dominate the field, knocking out almost all foreigners such as Hawaiian surfers, Dustin Cuizon, TJ Barron and Kiron Jabour.  Ricky Basnett (ZAF) was the only non-Brazilian guy in Wednesday’s Round 2 heats to have won his way through to Round 3.  The contest is scheduled to resume this morning, where we are likely to see the remaining 16 heats of Round 2, and perhaps the start of Round 3.  Tune in to the event website for all the action: 


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