Original Longboard Giveaway Winners Announced…


Stoke community members:

  • MARC STOKED of Miami, FL
  • LIK KHIAN YEO of San Francisco, CA

It’s your lucky day

You won an Original Longboard skateboard courtesy of the best site in the whole wide world — the ‘stoke.com

You must post a comment here to claim your prize, so what do you have to say?




9 thoughts on “Original Longboard Giveaway Winners Announced…

  1. Noo Noo

    This is my favourite board of all time. I’ve been a great fan of Original Skateboads for a long time now. Thanks so much Daily Stoke for giving a hard core longboarder like myself the opportunity to possibly win the board of my dreams! Thanks once again!

  2. Jerry

    Omg I will do anything to get I want one soo bad I ride my friend longboard at school but now I want one soo freaking bad.


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