Passenger Clothing: A UK Surf and Adventure Company


As surfers we are also travelers, or in this case we are “Passengers”. We become a Passenger each time we set out on a new adventure to uncover what is unknown to us. Surf trips are more than just sea-riding, its about the journey to your destination, the people you meet, the culture, and your experience as a wanderer.


Passenger Clothing stands for something more than just your average surf attire company. The company originated from its inspirational roots that are derived from the founder’s personal interests in traveling and exploring the great outdoors, music, art and photography, and the sea. These interests and hobbies certainly tie in well with surfing. How could you not be psyched about this company?

Another interesting aspect of Passenger Clothing is their Ambassador Program. The program not only just sponsors surfers, but photographers and film-makers, along with outdoor enthusiasts. The flip side of the program is called, the “Wandering Collection”, and it describes stories and explorations of people traveling around the globe. One story that would catch your attention and is certainly interesting to read about is “Lets Be Nomads”. It is about a Belgian duo who take an American school bus and turn it into a mobile hostel. Their plan is to venture around Europe to shred the mountains in Austria and Switzerland, and also search for unknown European surf breaks.

One of the newest members of the Ambassador program is Barry Mottershead. He is from Cape, Town, South Africa and is an extraordinary underground big wave surfer. He surfs a big wave break called, “Mullaghmore” in Ireland where he has lived since 2003. According to Mottershead, “Its one of the heaviest waves on the planet, and it really scares me. It scares everyone who surfs it, no matter who you are. Its also a very technical wave, and locks you into a huge tube from the start which is unique compared to other big waves”. Big wave riders like Mottershead have brave souls and deserve a lot of respect. They are always putting their life on the line, and it is simply inspirational to see them pull into huge waves and drop in.

Besides Ireland, Mottershead has also traveled and surfed in different countries like the Philippines, Namibia, New Zealand, and Australia, but he insists that Ireland is home. “In the end I realized what I had been chasing was right under my nose back in Ireland, and I focused on just spending my time here and just trying to live my dream” says, Mottershead.

Not only does Mottershead just surf, but now he operates his own kayak company out of the Sligo County in Ireland. The company is called, “Sligo Kayak Tours”, and was established by Mottershead in 2014. The tours go through the inland waterways and estuaries of Sligo, where you may find seal colonies, megalithic tombs, and ancient shell middens. “Its the only job I’ve ever had that I love” says, Mottershead.

If you are interested in learning more about Barry Mottershead and his adventure tales, check out the rest of the story on Passenger’s website under the Ambassador Program section. Or watch his short video biography by Red Bull called, “This and Nothing Else”, it was a really fascinating visual of his life and background.

Passenger has also released it’s Spring and Summer 15′ clothing. Check out their look book, they have some pretty impressive attire.

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