Redondo Beach CA Surf Lessons


DailyStoke offers surf lessons in Redondo Beach, California. Daily Stoke Lessons shows you the principles such as how to balance, and proper foot placement. No matter, of where you are at.. you can benefit from individualized instruction to meet your level.

Where We Meet


Redondo Beach California Surf lessons

Learn These Basics in Surfing 101 in Redondo Beach CA:

  • Ride Your First Wave
  • Proper Paddle
  • Turn
  • Continue being Steady

  • do Tricks


  • Skill Levels: We specialize in beginner lessons.
  • We serve all ages

    Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach

    [googlemaps addr=’Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach CA’ zoom=’14’ width=’500′ height=’500′]

    Redondo Beach CA Surf Lessons for Beginners

    Redondo Beach Surfboard Rental:

  • Redondo Beach Surfboard Rental We recommend a large surfboard and a full set of safety gear. Rental equipment is available.
  • Meet us: Surf lessons are provided at any of the beaches near Redondo Beach.


  • Safety Techniques and Rip Currents and Swimming Out in Big Waves and Using Proper Paddle
  • Ride Wave
  • Proper Paddle
  • Turn
  • Continue being Steady

    Redondo Beach California Surf lessons
    Daily Stoke’s Surf Lessons of Redondo Beach was developed to help motivated youth demographic become involved in a healthy activity.. We take pride in helping people of all ages.

    Daily Stoke’s Surf Lessons is passionate in it’s desire to provide the means through it’s lessons to being a confident surfer, by providing the premiere school for all ages throughout California.

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